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Alien Apocalypse!
Previous | Next by elfie 29 March, 2005 - 3:45 AM

Tonight at 7pm at our place via TiVo will be a presentation of the new smash hit from Sci-Fi Channel Movies, Alien Apocalypse, starring none other than Bruce Campbell! You are hereby invited and expected!

"Think Spartacus with aliens." -BC

3/29/2005 >> pyrex

Dear god I want to seeeee it. NOW.

3/29/2005 >> elfie

Can you believe that Ben turned down this invite?

3/29/2005 >> pyrex


This post inspired me to watch Army of Darkness for the gazillionth time. Ben.. Ben is weak.

3/29/2005 >> ben

sorry, yeah... got things to see and people to do... err.. strike that, reverse it

3/30/2005 >> Dan

Ben = She Bitch :)

Elffie can you throw that on a DVD or SVCD for me. Kelly's parents we supposed to tape it for us, but they neglected. And I'm still wating on the hardware for my Freevo box.

I would have came but my sole existance is test plans for the next few days....

BTW Ben I'm testing SQL injection next.... javascript injection is so pase :) So if I come here to bitch about it don't get mad if I break something on accident

SELECT * FROM "DamnThatsCool"

3/30/2005 >> elfie

Dan, I already deleted it. Oh My God, it was SO bad. hehe. hilariously bad. PRESIDENT LIVES! ahem. but a friend of mine DID tape it if you want a VHS copy of that, I could probably acquire one for you.

3/30/2005 >> Dan

Let me try yea old torrents. I only use my VCR for a clock. I don't think it plays tapes anymore. I don't even have a cassette tape player. I think the only thing that I have that reads magnetic media is my floppy drive.

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