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Bling, bling, who da king?
Previous | Next by pyrex 29 March, 2005 - 9:38 AM

Recently the genuine king and queen of Sweden visited Namibia where my mom and dad are at. Dad works at the embassy, where he's the "chancellor". I believe that's the correct title. Highest 'ranking', so pretty much the ambassador.

Anyway, my parents recieved the royal couple before they set out on their own to some hunting lodge to meet the prince of Bavaria.

The day they were scheduled to arrive the embassy got a message from the royal court that the king had requested a rental car of his own. Kind of a thing with the Bernadotte family (the royal line) about cars. They love to drive. Last year the king was speeding along a highway in a Porsche of his for.. some random reason?

So they arrived, went to their lodge with hardly any of their luggage. They seemed to have been pretty cool about it though. Then torrential rain poured down for a few days so they were stuck at the lodge, heh. Yesterday they left the country, but the king and queen didn't feel like waiting at the airport for an hour so they cruised on over to my parents' place. Pic follows, clicky for biggy (and names)!

3/29/2005 >> muhgcee

That is a worthy post for your return to posting.

3/29/2005 >> pyrex

Hehe. Knowing the evening press here they'll probably stumble across this photo in a week or so an publish a headline like "KING IN NAMIBIA. SWEDISH INTERNET POSTER DIDN'T USE CORRECT TITLE TO ADDRESS THE KING".

Evening 'newspapers' != newspapers here. More like tabloid papers with some distorted right-wing nonsense news. BAH. Sorry for the tangent.

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