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new link on the right
Previous | Next by ben 30 March, 2005 - 4:42 AM

that might be one of the coolest sites i've ever seen... at least for me.

i was the guy in english class trying to figure out what Pink Floyd's problem with his mother was...

3/30/2005 >> elfie

So is this like... the only lyrics site without incredibly obnoxious popups everywhere?

Still no word on the lyrics to Pigface's Insect/Suspect (actually NO Pigface lyrics)

3/30/2005 >> muhgcee

Am I the only person in the world that doesn't like Pink Floyd?

3/30/2005 >> pyrex

Stu, it's just elfie and Ben who are ooooold :-P

3/30/2005 >> rich

I like Floyd... but I am not uber big fan or anything

3/30/2005 >> iceman

Stuman whats wrong with pink Floyd?

3/31/2005 >> muhgcee

too slow . . . doesn't really get to the point of the song. I mean they aren't bad, not like something I would really be itching to turn off. I just don't see what the big deal is. I have tried several times to like them.

3/31/2005 >> elfie

huh? I don't remember saying anything about pink floyd... I was talking about Pigface

3/31/2005 >> muhgcee

yes, but Ben said "i was the guy in english class trying to figure out what Pink Floyd's problem with his mother was..."

3/31/2005 >> ben

so you're saying your attention span is too short?


4/1/2005 >> Pie

That sight doesn't explain what the song's meanings are... it lets other people say what they think the songs are about.

& I already found one idiot commenting under a Smashing Pumpkins song, asking why James Iha was listed since he is in a Perfect Circle.

*screams hysterically*

4/1/2005 >> ben

it's a wiki type of site, with more people, it should even out

4/1/2005 >> pyrex

Even out? It's some serious people mixed in with tons of little kiddies. Hardly comparable to the self-checking awesomeness of Wikipedia. This isn't the same kind of site as a wiki deal, so how will it even out? Will the smarter comments balance out the dumb ones? S'that what you mean?

4/1/2005 >> ben

yes... after a while, hopefully, several people will give the same explanation for a song...

unfortunately, with lyrics as full of symbolism as pearl jam's Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town or... anything by Rush (tee hee)... it can be hard

4/1/2005 >> Pie

I like that Pearl Jam song. I used it in my musical in high school.

I hate Rush.

4/1/2005 >> ben

well, nobody's perfect...

where's 1L when i need her, hehehehehe

in one of my CTY writing classes, someone did a presentation on Elderly Woman..., it was pretty damn good.

I did Mother from PF - hence my comment in my post

4/5/2005 >> pyrex



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