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ID3 grafitti
Previous | Next by pyrex 15 April, 2005 - 11:14 AM

So I just got an iPod (wheeeeee) and I'm busy throwing music onto it. But I have a lot of songs that lack ID3 tags, and that works against iTunes. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any intelligent apps to handle this.

For example, I have an album by Hexstatic. None of the files have tags. I'd like to apply "Hexstatic" to the "Artist" property of the tag in every file, then have an app be smart enough to figure out that whatever comes after " - " which is the usual separator I use between artist name - song title, is indeed the song's title and add that to "Title" property of the tag in every file.

Phew. Hope someone followed that.

4/15/2005 >> muhgcee

I'd say just bite the bullet, like I did, and spend half a day with iTunes. After you do that, there isn't much work.

4/15/2005 >> ben

musicmatch has smart tagging from file name... just select all the files you want to tag, right click, hit "super tagging" or "tag from filename" or some crap like that... it's easy

4/15/2005 >> pyrex

Playing around in iTunes I found it can do some batch tagging, but not exactly the smart shit I'm looking for. Hm well.

I am a consumer whore :-P

4/15/2005 >> pyrex

K, so I've been foolin' around with this thing for the last couple of hours, mostly dumping music. But I do have to say, the "uh-oh, microphone chord disconnected from iPod and will therefore pause" feature made me go "whoah" :-D

4/16/2005 >> iceman

So the songs have to have id3 tags to be put on your ipod??

Seems strange that they require you to have an id3tag.

4/16/2005 >> muhgcee

my ipod doesn't have that feature.

Zach - they don't require it but it lets you actually find what you want.

4/16/2005 >> jay

Try MP3 Tag&Renamer. Works pretty well, just do all your files before the 30 trial runs out.

4/16/2005 >> iceman

For the music i have, it is indexed on my xbox by id3 tags but i read somewhere that searching through id3 tags is slow. There is another way to classify music... or at least i think there is.

4/16/2005 >> pyrex

iceman - iTunes and the iPod both do a pretty durn good job of searching really fast through the gigs I've entered so far. The search field in iTunes surprised me with its quickness; just enter anything relevant and it dynamically updates the library listing in a split second. I'm really curious as to what this other way of classification is thought, hehe.

jay - Thanks! I'll look for it and give it a shot. Trial, feh I say! :-P

Stu - May be a 4th gen iPod feature, I dunno, I just thought it was really cool when I discovered it by mistake last night, hehe. And yeah, songs without the tags on an iPod = teh suck. Like when I threw all my songs at once into the Winamp media library and got 2 trillion "track01" entries, hehe.

4/16/2005 >> ralph

yeah, it's a 4th generation feature. my 2G ipod didn't have it, but was pleasantly surprised when i found it on my new one.

4/16/2005 >> pyrex

You had yours replaced? Or your original one crapped out? Bought a new one? Crazy american capitalism is difficult to grasp.

4/16/2005 >> muhgcee

you were bitching at me when I got mine, something about materialism. Then you get one . . .

4/16/2005 >> pyrex

Hehe, wouldn't really say I was bitching, just thought getting a loan (if I remember correctly) was a bit over-the-top for an entertainment device. Me, I did a minimal bit of work and asked for the pod as payment. In a way, I can see how this "thing" is worth it, but I personally wouldn't get myself into any debt over it.

4/16/2005 >> ralph

I had my first one for about two years, then kept dropping it. one day, the drive just couldn't take it anymore. I was beyond warranty and it would have been too much to fix it so i replaced it. plus, i wanted some of the features of the 4th generation one...the on-the fly playlist, specifically. my only regret was that i bought a 20Gb, not the 40. now i only have about 4Gb my current rate, it'll be full in two months. :-(

4/17/2005 >> ben

i already filled up my 20gb dell, but found that i forgot to tag a bunch... whoops

4/17/2005 >> muhgcee

There was nothing over the top about getting a loan for it. I paid the loan back, no harm done. Not sure why it is any different because it is an entertainment device.

4/19/2005 >> pyrex

Difference of ideologies/upbringings I guess.

Me, I'd have a problem with getting a loan for anything that wasn't necessary to life. And by mentioning it specifically as an entertainment device I think I meant it a frivolous expenditure of money compared to something you'd _really_ be in need of such as a roof over your head, or food.

4/30/2005 >> Dan

I finally found this program that I used to gt my collection sorted it its really powerful but it took me a few tries to get everthng working like I wanted. It will generate the tags from the file name for you

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