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Yay for Beer
Previous | Next by typhoid 19 April, 2005 - 3:09 AM

The Baltimore city papers brew festival is this weekend. I went last year and it was simply awesome. No beer tickets like the Oktoberfest, just pay to get in and drink all you wish.

4/19/2005 >> ralph

i need a new keyboard........i just drooled all over mine.

4/19/2005 >> alana

Nooooo! WHY is this a daytime event?! WHY did I get a job working Saturdays from 9-6? I *love* Dogfish Head's Chicory Stout. I'm going to cry. :_(

4/19/2005 >> ben

i'll drink for you, don't worry! hehehe

4/20/2005 >> Dan

Come see me...

Kelly and I are working there the 1-3 shift.

4/20/2005 >> ben

jamie, is your friend still looking for people to work the kegs?

4/20/2005 >> ben

or dan, would you want help, hehehe

4/20/2005 >> muhgcee

Beer sounds very unappealing to me right now.

4/20/2005 >> ralph

sounds like someone drank too much last night.

4/20/2005 >> muhgcee

It was more that my head didn't want me to drink at all, but I did anyway.

4/20/2005 >> ben

yeah, we took stu to the ottobar for 2 for 1 tuesday... then to paper moon, because it was open, hehehe

4/20/2005 >> ralph

sounds like stu and I feel the same today. i'd be happy if i don't see another beer for.........oh, i don't know........24 hours?

4/20/2005 >> muhgcee

I feel fine now after much water and pizza. Oh yeah, and WoW.

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