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What the FUCK?
Previous | Next by elfie 13 November, 2005 - 1:39 AM

Fox cancels Arrested Development.

Arrested Development is without a doubt the absolute best thing on television right now. It is brilliantly intelligent and hysterically funny. This show is perfect. What the fuck is wrong with you people who STILL aren't watching it no matter how many times we tell you how amazing it is? YOU'RE the reason it's getting canceled. Grrrrr. Okay, okay, I know it's not your fault specifically, but goddamnit this sucks. I can't ever remember enjoying any show as much as I enjoy this one.

People on the Arrested Development forums are already yelling Boycott Fox. Hell, I love Malcolm in the Middle, but I'd give it up in a heartbeat if I actually thought it would ensure Arrested Development's future. This just seems like one of the stupidest moves Fox has pulled, and they've pulled some doozies. You can't recover from this one like you did Family Guy, Fox. If you miss a couple seasons before you realize what a huge fucking mistake you've made, the child actors will get older. This isn't like the WB where you can pass off someone who is 27 as someone who is 14. We know the difference. GAH.

This is fucking depressing.

To be honest, I can think of a couple very good reasons that it hasn't done as well as it should have.

  1. I have never seen an advertisement for Arrested Development either in print or on television. Word of mouth only gets you so far.
  2. It is incredibly self-referential, so if you haven't been watching it from the beginning, you'll miss a lot of the jokes. But anyone I've watched it with who was coming to it in the middle still loved it.
  3. And this is the biggest one. It's intelligent. Most of America isn't, so nobody gets it. "Huh? I thought this was that new reality show where they redecorate prison cells."
So not that it'd do any good at this point, but I've got Season One on DVD. If we invite you over to watch a couple episodes (and we feed you), would you promise that if you like the show, you'll finally program it into your damn TiVo? It takes 15 fucking seconds. How hard is that? Really?

11/13/2005 >> AnarchyX

I propose that we take up arms to bring this show back. Mrs Anarchy and I have spent many an evening shitting our pants with laughter watching this show.

FUCK FOX.. FUCK em all in the ass with a big rubber dildo and then beat them to death with it.

11/13/2005 >> ben

what? 7th heaven going off the air?! doomed! it's all doomed!

11/14/2005 >> Dan

Yay that show sucked....

11/14/2005 >> C Mo

Yeah I recorded this show every damn week. IN HD!! I am pissed that they cancelled it, but they usually cancel shows I like.

Homicide: Life On The Street?
Dead Like Me?

I just give up on liking things, it's all gonna be CSI, reality, and Law and Order soon enough.

11/16/2005 >> elfie

In related news via SlickDeals, Amazon now has Season 1 and Season 2 for a combined $31.94 if you use the "buy both and save" button.

11/16/2005 >> mffree

all I know is Portia de Rossi is hot...and they just shouldn't have done that to her...that's all. I know I'm a girl but, I'd go gay for her.
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12/30/2005 >> ben

HAH! i know this article doesn't say much about it, but i've just heard that ABC is DEFINITELY picking up 13 episodes for next season...

5/3/2006 >> rich

just finnished watching both seasons last night. Good times thanks for the recomendation.

My favorite character was George Michael. Oh, and the Charlie Bown sadness episode was the best. Any news if someone came to their senses and picked up a third season?

5/3/2006 >> elfie

The news is that Showtime made an offer and the creator of the show declined. Basically his reasoning was that they pretty much wrapped up all of the storylines at the end of season 3, so if they were to move somewhere else, they'd have to start over in a new direction, and he didn't want to take the risk that the new direction wouldn't measure up. Sad as it is, I can respect that decision. Looks like there's still no release date for season 3 on DVD, but I'm sure its on its way.

VERY glad to hear you enjoyed the first two seasons though.

5/3/2006 >> rich

Cool... you just made my day. I was not aware of season 3. I can't wait for the DVD's

5/3/2006 >> muhgcee

If you can't wait for the DVDs then just wait for the download :P

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