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Previous | Next by sarah 29 November, 2005 - 5:33 AM

as someone who hasn't lived in the area for a good 2.5 years, who can tell me what's going on?

i'll be in DC but will probably subscribe to flexcar so will be able to make reasonably regular trips to b-more. is buzz back up again? what are the good nights in DC? is red maple still going? what's sonar like as a more like a venue and less like a club?

ben...i hear you're having a party on new year's eve?

12/1/2005 >> mffree

Since you will be in the DC area, I always recommend going to Mandalay. It is in Silver Spring around the Whole Foods. Gotta have love for my boys.
I'm there on one of the tee shirts somewhere.

Lots of vegetarian stuff too.

12/1/2005 >> neil

omg sunday special at Mandalay

12/1/2005 >> mffree my boy! Holla!

chicken with coconut cream sauce
chicken with cilantro
nanjee thoke
spring rolls
mango salad
golden swejeii
burmese green tea

Neil you are awesome

12/2/2005 >> neil


Red Maple is still going. You should check out the new Friday night party called Flaunt which Patrick Turner is doing. Last week was the launch which was incredibly successful, the whole place was packed and there were good times all around.

Wednesday nights you have Exit at Sonar. This is the only electronic night left there, and the crowds very from small to large depending on what else is going on (i.e. thanksgiving was a big crowd). The vibe of the club has defiantly changed a lot since they switched formats. The club sound system isn’t nearly as precise as it once was since they rearranged it for bands. The Exit crew are cool guys though and I’m usually there hangin out.

Delivery at Skylounge has been back for a couple weeks though this week they are taking off. They were down for a couple months cause Skylounge had a fire and had to remain closed until they worked that out.


Buzz is still buzz, even though they try to call it “cubik.”

You have some good lineups at Five usually, but then you also have the weirdness that comes with the Five crowd.

Red is closed.

Burn @ the loft ( has been started up by the sonic soul guys. I haven’t been yet but am going tomorrow to check it out.

12/2/2005 >> sarah

i've heard good things about mandalay. i'll have to check it out.

i'm kind of bummed about sonar. i was in love with their sound system. but the vibe's been off since they moved from canton. canton sonar was perfect.

never been to five - what's up with the crowd. burn sounds interesting. i enjoy sonic soul. i'm also interested in where LG is he around w/ Q Burns anytime soon?

12/2/2005 >> neil

Yeah Lonnie released a letter saying basically that he was never that into the music, and that its largely a money move for investors. I saw that coming for a long time so it wasn't too shocking. It sucks, but things will move on and I'm kind of happy about it in that it creates opportunities for new things.

First time I went to five somebody lit my eye on fire. Second time I went to five somebody tried to start a fight with me in the middle of the dance floor for no reason.

LG is still with the sonic soul crew of course, and they just had Q burns here not too long ago but I'm sure he'll be back.

12/2/2005 >> muhgcee

How's that eye doing?

12/2/2005 >> neil

Doing fine now. My eyelashes stuck together for a few days and it was sore for a while. However, there seems to be no permanent/long term damage.

12/2/2005 >> neil

So I just heard that Exit is over. So there are now no regular electronic nights at Sonar.

Oh well I guess the transformation into 9:30 Club Baltimore is now complete.

12/2/2005 >> neil

Another just heard...Q Burns will be at Burn 1/07

12/2/2005 >> neil

I just realizead the flyer is probably fucked up and means 06 of course.

12/5/2005 >> ben

not 01/07/06?

12/6/2005 >> neil

Hmm yeah I guess that makes sense, woulda helped to look at a calender. I just figured they were being ambiguous as the roy date was TBD.

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