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1350 Dead Filipinos Isn’t News
Previous | Next by muhgcee 20 February, 2006 - 3:55 AM

From my site:

Some of you may have heard about the mudslide on Leyte island in the Philipines with an estimated death toll of 1,350 people. Many of you haven’t. It happened on Friday, February 17, 2006.


So depending on your news source, you might get a good sense of the importance of this story. Or you might think it is just a minor occurrence, perhaps judging by a small link to the side with relation to a story that seems much less important. Or you might not even hear about it at all, even if you happen to read the all the links posted on all of the relevant sections on the Washington Post website.

Full article here.

2/21/2006 >> ben

i heard about it last week and over the weekend, a friend of mine is filipino (not filipino phil... hehe) and was going to look further into this... npr had repeated articles about this

2/21/2006 >> muhgcee

Hehe, but you can't get an NPR newspaper delivered to your door.

2/21/2006 >> jmcd303

Actually, there is an NPR newspaper can get delivered. Its super secret and only given to people who pledge lots and lots of money or have the dirt on Garrison Kiellor's involvement in the Kennedy assination. Its hand delivered by an NPR commentator. I was going to get a subscription, but then they told me it would be delivered by Terry Gross and I was all like "Fuck that. Either Sarah Vowell shows up at my door every day at 5:30 AM with the real Morning Edition or no fucking deal."

mmmmmm, Sarah Vowell...

2/22/2006 >> ben

kennedy was assinated too? damn... i thought ralph was the only one who assinated people...

2/22/2006 >> ralph

i'm the assinator!

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