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Caught in a Neighborhood Web
Previous | Next by rich 13 May, 2006 - 1:09 AM

Innocent Man Mistaken For Registered Offender

From the Washington Post

Basicly this guy was run out of suburbia, and his girlfriend's parents chased him away for what? He once had a roommate that was a sex offender, and he took a nap before picking up his girlfriend for a date.

How many of you have arrived somewhere early and taken a nap in your car before going inside? I know I have done it many times.

What enrages me here is the opinion of the girlfriends mother.

She said she feels sorry for Haskett -- but only a little. Vigilance is necessary, she said. She also thinks Haskett should examine the conduct that started the incident.

"Certainly, he could check out a book from the library on dinnertime etiquette," Burdette said. "He's not a pimply-faced teenager. He could have come to the door that night like a grown-up."

I mean look at this guy. He could be any of our friends.

No one is as much as appoligizing for this "mix up"

5/15/2006 >> ben

he looks like Fred Durst to me... i don't want him in my neighborhood either... he could roll on to the set, kick a hole in my speaker, even pull the plug and then jet!

or maybe it was Method Man... either way... that song scares me (NSFW lyrics)

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