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Previous | Next by ben 16 May, 2006 - 8:25 AM

Lauren requested that I do this, and since I'm that guy, I'm posting it... her cousin, Henry Joost is a fledgling (or not so fledgling) filmmaker living in NYC. He's in the running for a video contest put out by Scion - so you should go vote for him. He's the one that's Henry Joost.

The band, Palomar has a myspace page, if you want to check them out. The video really is pretty good - and Lauren might give me a cookie if Henry wins due to the extra 8 1/2 votes I can wheedle out of you, so please, for the love of cookies, vote... think of the cookies!

5/16/2006 >> ben

also, from what Lauren says, he had a hard time working with the band... so if you're sympathetic, you should vote for him for that reason...

5/17/2006 >> mffree

I voted...and I actually liked his the most.
The last that was very hard to sit through...ugh.
the first one was not so bad although it reminded me of the ah-ha video a bit.

5/17/2006 >> ben


take on me!

5/17/2006 >> mffree

TOTALLY loved that cvideo back when it came out...AND I remmebr watching them perform on Soul Train..oh yeah.
I think I was like 7 and playing with my lite bright at the time...ah memories.

5/17/2006 >> ben

i need to find you the Family Guy spoof of that... it's freakin' great!

and lite brite rules! especially with the ewok & he-man ones that they cross marketed with! hehe

5/17/2006 >> mffree

oh i wasnt that spoiled.
Just got the templates that made like..."happy birthday"...oh and a christmas tree...HA your Jewish and I know they didn't pack no mezuzah-y star up in there
I made up for my shortcommings by making fun of you.

5/23/2006 >> ben

oh, apparently you can win a scion too... forgot that part

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