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This is what we really want
Previous | Next by mffree 07 June, 2006 - 5:40 AM

We have been looking into replacing our graphics workstations here at work. THey won't let us get macs...I guess they had bad experiences with them like ten years ago or whatever so our options are already limited to a PC.
Here is the spec of the computer system we really would like to wou8ld be able to handle TV/HD/Video Editing such as AVID, After Effects, and Photoshop...but like in a kick ass type of way. Even though this is a british company it was rated highest by DIGIT magazine and just made us all drool.

Custom Armari Gravistar SR

Case : Supermicro SC733T-645 SATA W/S Case 645W (BLACK)
Motherboard : Tyan Tomcat K8E-SLI A64/OP100 PCIe ATX Motherboard
CPU :AMD Opteron 285 2.6GHz CPU 64-bit w/dual core technology
CPU Cooler : Phase 4 - Opteron 100 Heat Pipe CPU HS/Amb.Fan
Memory : 4GB DDR400 (PC3200) SDRAM (4 x 1GBs)
Graphics : PNY QuadroFX 4500 PRO-3D 512MB DDR, PCI-E x16
Hard drive : Western Digital Raptor 10K 74GB SATA (WD740GD)
Additional Drives : 1 x Western Digital Raptor 10K 150GB SATA WD1500ADFD
CD/DVD Drive : Sony DRU-820A Dual Layer +/-RW DVD Recorder. Int.
Floppy drives : Mitsumi 7 in 1 + FDD Flash r/w USB 2.0 (BLACK)
USB Card : Belkin USB 2.0 5-port PCI Card - F5U220
Firewire Card : Belkin Firewire/USB 2.0 Combo PCI Card - F5U508EA
Network : Intel Pro/1000GT Gigabit Desktop Adapter 32bit PCI
Sound : Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro PCI Sound card
Speakers : Creative Inspire T3030 2.1 Black speakers
Keyboard : Logitech Internet Pro Keyboard BLACK ( OEM )
Mouse : Logitech Scroll Optical Wheel Mouse BLACK (OEM)
O/S : Windows XP Professional (OEM) + Restore CD
Office Software : Microsoft Office 2003 Professional (OEM)
Warranty : Onsite maintenance (1st year)

Price quoted online excluding VAT £3525.14
(or about $6,500 US dollars)

6/7/2006 >> muhgcee

sweet...2 opterons or 1?

6/7/2006 >> mffree

Sorry about that—we would like either two opterons or the amended from above :P

6/7/2006 >> mffree

Also looked at an Alienware Pro Workstation

6/7/2006 >> mffree

That would run around $7,900 but the warranty would be better and more feasible.

6/7/2006 >> pyrex

Yeah that pretty much looks like a badass custom Alienware system (and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to put it together for you, whilst including the guarantee/warranty.)

Then again, you may have to trick them into thinking they'd be making you more thank ONE, hehe.

6/7/2006 >> jay

Didn't Dell buy Alienware? I'm just saying...

6/8/2006 >> mffree

Well what we really would like is the Armari gravistar but like the only warrantee is having someone fly out from London or us shipping it there and like um thats not very good for saving the gov money.

but a girl can dream...and drool...and lust.

6/8/2006 >> muhgcee

but a girl can dream...and drool...and lust.

I knew I was good for something.

6/8/2006 >> mffree


6/8/2006 >> ben

my site is taking a weird and unexpected turn... i think i like it

6/8/2006 >> elfie

you like the hot butt sex?

6/9/2006 >> ben

you of all people have to ask?

6/9/2006 >> elfie

yes I do have to ask. you always start crying afterwards so I just assumed the whole thing was purely for my benefit

6/9/2006 >> mffree


6/9/2006 >> ben

well, if you'd EVER try to hold me, or look at me after, i wouldn't be so sad...

6/9/2006 >> elfie


6/12/2006 >> ben

i'm sorry jamie... i don't mean to be a bitch

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