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Previous | Next by muhgcee 31 December, 2002 - 7:00 PM

Even though the Internet at times seems pretty useless when you run out of things to look at after an hour, I have discovered how great it can be. The spouse recently went over to Kenya with her mom and her mom's boyfriend to visit her sister who is studying over there for a year. Well, that sucks that for two weeks of winter break I won't get to see her. But, thanks to the Internet, she was able to find an Internet cafe and send me a few email updates. How cool is it when you can be out looking at "lions, elephants, giraffes, hyenas, jackals, cheetah, leopard, zebras, wildabeasts, heartabeasts, rabbits, impalas, gazelles, cervals, buffalos, water bufalos, water bucks, many many many cool birds, and like so many gorgeous plants and such" during the day, and by night instantly sending those words instantly across the Atlantic or Pacific or whichever way they go so that I get some sort of contact with her. Plus, when you're on the Internet, there is no long distance! How great is that?

Imagine 100 years ago if you tried to stay in touch with someone over in Kenya while they were there for two weeks. They could send out a letter the first day they were they and maybe it would get to you a week after they got back. I don't think a 2-week trip to Kenya would have even been feasible 100 years ago. You'd probably spend at least 2 weeks on each trip to and fro. OK that's enough out of me for now. Happy New Year everyone!

1/1/2003 >> pyrex

Heh, I lived in Africa and learned a great deal about the 'old days'. It took months and months to travel anywhere, even from Europe. Since everything was pretty much still unexplored and untouched there were no roads, thus making progression last weeks n weeks. And pf, I still don't see why people still consider Africa a huge savannah with a bunch of huts. It's sooooo much more.

8/15/2004 >> ben


8/15/2004 >> Samantha

I love using the net. You can learn so much!

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