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Previous | Next by pyrex 31 December, 2002 - 7:00 PM

What'd everybody do for new year's? Anything out of the ordinary? Anything screwed up happen? Give us all the random details!

And as we say here in sweden around this time after new year's: good continuation! Meaning have a good continued year, everybody :-)

Side-note: I'm gonna be heading down to Namibia tomorrow to visit the parents for about 3 weeks, but I'll still be around from time to time I reckon. Ugh, 15 hour journey ahead of me going through Zurich and Johannesburg.

1/1/2003 >> pyrex

Here's my story, copy-pasted from what could quite possible be the longest ever post on GAWC:

ok bit of a long story i guess..

2 friends and i first had the choice to go with some other people to a club which was supposed to have a cirka 13 USD entrance fee. fuck dat, we thought, and headed to a small bar instead and waited until the clock struck 23:55, then went out and popped a fine champan-ya (any champagne is fine when it's free) bottle and watched the fireworks from right in the middle of the street. now, i don't know if it was arranged or pure coincidence, but all the pedestrian crossing lights went green during that one minute into the new year, and thus there was much-a-noise coming from them. we ran around greeting poor taxi drivers a new year, feeling a little sorry for them.

then a friend who was sick or just pooped or whatever left us and we proceeded to find somewhere else. we went to the central subway and rail station and some 'italian' guy started yapping at us about money so he could buy phone minutes to call the italian embassy because he was a tourist stuck in sweden, or some shit. he needed about 20 bucks, we gave him about 3. harr.

on we went, and ended up where we had originally been. the search continued.. every place we could think of or find for that matter was either a) closed, b) closING, or c) only for older people.

bah, we said, and persistantly continued. came to one slightly 'fancy' club and tried to get in. "you don't look old enough" says the guard who didn't even look us in the eye. just to fuck with him we stand there asking him random questions from time to time. suddenly a tall guy with long hair and a woman on either side of him comes along, and the guards immediately undo the saftey rope thing. we stare him out, and recognize him as E-Type, a famous singer in sweden (crap for shit music, old 80s style but in a modern bad way) and he glances at us. "let those two guys in as well!" he drunkenly says, "w00t", we think. but the guards ignore his request. he starts arguing with the guard trying to get us in but gives up after a while and shrugs at us. we shrug back and move on.

no more luck for us. homeward bound to my friends place, being quite the walk since the subway shut down for the eve. walking along the streets my friend wraps his scarf around his head, the "taliban/ninja" look you could say. we talk and talk and suddenly he reacts to something i said and starts impersonating a typical drunken old swedish man, shouting, pointing, swearing and lashing out at everything and everyone. we manage to scare several people into actually running away from us. heh. this goes on for about 10 minutes.

we reach his place, grab all the chips, coke, cookies and various munchie stuff to crash infront of his TV. we watch as many x-files episodes as we can, but gradually fall asleep more and more in the worst possible positions.

his mom comes and wakes us at about 9, telling my friend he HAS to get some real sleep in his bed (and not lying upside down/folded in half in the smallest couch in the world) because they're going places in the afternoon. before she actually wakes us up though, i manage to hear something with the word 'absurd' mixed into it. heh, once again.

we crash in our beds, i wake up at about 3. my friend, being the most impossible person to wake up in the entire universe (because he doesn't react to anything, and if he does wake up it'll only be for a second or so, and anything you tell him during that second is completely and utterly wiped from his memory the next second), just lies there. i wave goodbye to his parents and leave for other adventures.

now i'm packing for tomorrow's adventure; a 15 hour-or-so journey down to namibia to visit the parents for 3 weeks.


1/1/2003 >> robin

Long story....sounds like a relatively interesting evening. Have a wonderful trip to Namibia (minus the actual length of the trip)...

1/2/2003 >> ben

dude... I had the weirdest dream last night that you were here and had short hair, like buzzed... and you were complaining about americans, something about warcraft 3 too... so we went outside and we were smoking cigarettes and I tried to explain that of the 250+ million americans, there were bound to be some people you didn't like... but it doesn't really matter since you're in the air, probably over the mediterranean now. whee

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