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Previous | Next by elfie 07 August, 2006 - 11:25 PM

I have two projects at the moment that I need a little assistance with.

1) How am I going to hang these? They're thick vinyl. I COULD put large metal grommet hole thingies in them and hang them by that, but I don't think I want to punch holes in them. I was thinking of using velcro stickies. Those might damage the paint on the wall, but I'm honestly more concerned about the banners than the wall. Also, you can see a little in the one with Lois that it's getting wrinkly. Any advice on stopping that? I don't think an 8 foot by 5 foot frame is financially feasible.

2) At Otakon, we saw a really cool Anime that we'd like to see more of, but it hasn't been released in the US so the only way to get it is fansubbed. I have NO idea where to acquire such things. The Anime we're looking for is called Kashi Mashi (Girl on Girl), which is not as dirty as you think it is :p PROJECT COMPLETE - Thanks Jay!

Any help/advice on either project would be very greatly appreciated.

8/8/2006 >> jay

1) You could use some sort of sticky hangy device (think double-sided tape with a plastic clip pointing down) and then use string/rope to hang them. I'm just guessing here, I really came to answer #2


8/8/2006 >> elfie

1) string/rope would require holes in the banner, which I'm trying to avoid. I'm thinking I should weigh the banners and then head out to staples or home depot or something and get some sort of sticky something based on weight/surface. I hear 3M makes a wide variety of mounting devices. Just not sure where to begin.

2) freakin awesome. I can't check the link from work, but I definitely will when I get home. Are these relatively high quality? Like burn to DVD and watch it on a big freakin TV quality?

8/8/2006 >> muhgcee

1) Store the posters away for a couple months until you can spring for the $400-500 it costs to frame both.

8/8/2006 >> elfie

Hmm... Maybe I should ask Hanukkah Harry for Michael's gift cards this year.

8/8/2006 >> jay

They are usually relatively high quality. It really depends on how they air. A few of the shows I watch are aired in HD, so they get ripped/subbed in high quality. That said, I watch them ALL on my big ass LCD, and they look good.

If you are looking to watch downloaded "content" on your tv, you might consider getting a used Xbox, doing a soft mod (Easy as pie, and I have the software etc if you can't find it), then using XBMC to stream things from your PC's to your TV.

Plus the Xbox can output in 720p and 1080i...which is sweet as hell.

8/8/2006 >> elfie

Yeah I could do all that work... or I can just use the Media Center Laptop that I keep plugged in to my TV at all times ;-)

8/8/2006 >> rich

I would say get two large pieces of plexi glass and somehow sandwich the vinyl. Then have something at the bottom that both pieces of plexi glass rest on and mount that to the wall. I think I can demonstrate better in person.

Michaels is a good option too. I am happy with my 5 foot by 4 foot matrix poster I had framed by them a few years ago.

8/9/2006 >> elfie

Jay, thanks for the torrent link! That worked great. I've got the whole series now! WOOH! :-D

8/10/2006 >> mffree

About the wrinkles:
I had to make huge vinyl vertical banners (3 at 50 inches wide) that were then to be put side by side with logos intermindgled for a press event look on a stage with a speaker here at work once.

The banners were then slightly wrapped around a wooden beam for hanging . But I'm sure you could use a wooden dowl from micheals. And then attach string on the ends of the dowls.

Anyhow the wrinkles!
The wrinkles were probably from the wet ink in the media but when the vinyl hangs
slack..straight down it will prbably get rid of this overnight.
that stuff is so dense that with hanging it works itself out.

8/10/2006 >> elfie

awesome. I was actually thinking of coming up with a dowl solution, but I'm leery about making any modifications to the banners themselves, which I would have to do in order to wrap them around a dowl.

Thanks for the tip on the wrinkles. that's what I was hoping to hear!

8/10/2006 >> mffree

not that this helps at all but if you had even the slightest amount of plain vinyl at the top edge you could wrap aroudn a dowl and staple it...or maybe hve a really thin clip like devide that could hang a banner up.

check this site out maybe get an idea or two here also:

8/14/2006 >> ben

;) dowel

8/14/2006 >> elfie


8/15/2006 >> mffree

I hate speling

8/15/2006 >> mffree

oh sorry...wait,


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