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he has an odd argument... and lots of naked women!
Previous | Next by ben 02 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

i was reading through fark today, the comments about the boobies site that got shut down because they exceeded bandwidth (something we here at EACorp take pains to make sure will never happen... of course, the fact that only about 15 people hit this site every day and i'm 5 of them helps), and this guy virtual bob put up a link to his site, so being me, i checked it out, and other than the naked women on the top, he's a very staunch republican using his space to make his argument (nothing wrong with that, hooray free speech!)... however, his math is kind of fuzzy and his premises are a little jaundiced from being bandied back and forth so much, but at least it's a good read. so go ahead and read it but not at work, or read it at work if they don't care that there's naked women on the site...

let's all cheer that pyrex got to africa safely, hooray for the guy that makes the pretty pictures for the site! damnit, why did beth have to be drinking that red stripe? hehe

4/6/2004 >> ben

wasn't sure it'd still be there.

4/6/2004 >> muhgcee

didn't know he was going

4/6/2004 >> ben

wel, not much has been updated...

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