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It's just a nice place to eat!
Previous | Next by ben 23 August, 2006 - 7:09 AM

who wants to take a trip to bombay with me?

we can eat here

8/23/2006 >> ben

oh, and more in the "togetherness" department: segregation hits reality TV

8/24/2006 >> jmcd303

I think the name is quite interesting. Tomorrow if someone keeps a name like Saddam Mutton Shop or George Bush Footwear, there's nothing wrong with that, is there

There's an interesting point here, though I disagree with the examples. On the main, is Hitler any worse than any number of dictators that don't have the same lightning rod reaction? Pol Pot? Stalin killed 5 million Ukrainians, and the restaurant down the street uses an image of him. Hell, its even a Russian restaurant.

8/25/2006 >> ben

which restaurant is that?? that would be weird...

and yes, I agree with the comment in the post that there is freedom to use any name you want (well, not necessarily in India, but at least here)... but one would hope that capitalistic common sense would keep you from picking one that will just be a fad and piss the rest of... everyone off. I think it will be gone before a year has passed

8/30/2006 >> ben

was that spam?

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