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tin cans, string, and a smith corona
Previous | Next by rich 02 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

Ok so three years ago I buy my Mom one of those cheap E machines with the MSN deal. I do this because Mom needs a computer and also needs internet access. After agreeing to the 3 year commitment for internet access we got the computer for $75.
So now three years later I go to cancel said internet access. It is dial up, it is $21.95, and I also want mom to pay her own way on the interweb.

  • January 2nd 2:30 PM - chose cancellation option. Wait on hold for 35 min. Hang up because I must leave to take friend to air port.
  • January 2nd 7:00 PM – chose cancellation option. Busy signal
  • January 2nd 7:15 PM – chose cancellation option. Wait on hold for 30 min, talk to human being. Human being says that their computers are down and they can not process my request at this time. He says call back in 24 hours. I point out how this sucks and how I do not want to pay for a day more of this service then I should. Also mention that it might have been a good idea to have a recording telling people that computers are down rather then have them wait 30 min to hear this. Forget to mention the irony (or lack thereof) of Microsoft admitting that their computers are down.
  • January 3rd 1:30 PM – chose cancellation option. Busy signal
  • January 3rd 1:40 PM – chose setup new account option. Busy signal
  • January 3rd 1:42 PM – chose cancellation option. Busy signal
  • January 3rd 1:46 PM – chose technical support option. While waiting on phone fixed fish and chips for lunch. At 2:15 I obtained a technical support case number that logged my unsuccessful attempts to cancel my account. Technical Support then transfers me to the cancellation option, and surprise, it is a busy signal.
  • January 3rd 2:20 PM – Call the phone number provided to me by technical support to cancel account. Eat fish and chips. 2:48 PM account cancellation successful. Might have been receptive to the $9.95 20 hour offer that they tried to sell me while canceling, but after this no freaking way.

  • 1/3/2003 >> ben, that's all i have to say, heheheh

    1/4/2003 >> pyrex

    Ahh, thank god for phone waiting stuff in sweden. Then again, I've never an experience this horrible. My dad's friend has though, in total it took him about 6 MONTHS to get someone to come out and fix a bent pin on his ADSL phone adaptor. Yeah, 6 months. Cost him about 100 USD if not more, and hours and hours of waiting and being redirected to something like 10 different daughter companies of the main internet provider. 6 months.

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