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IE/FF Bookmark Sync?
Previous | Next by elfie 29 October, 2006 - 10:29 PM

Does anyone have a plugin or other utility that keeps Firefox Bookmarks and Internet Explorer Favorites in sync? In fact, I don't even really NEED it to sync. If it assumed that Bookmarks were "correct" and copied those over my Favorites periodically, that'd work too.

The only thing I can find is this, but the reviews are all negative and it's not 2.0 compatible.

Hell, if there was just a way to put my FF Bookmarks in the Windows Start menu like Favorites, that'd work too.

10/30/2006 >> found_drama

Thoughts on this:

1) The tedium of having Fx re-import your IE bookmarks over and over again. (But that's a one-way street.)

2) You could try writing some kind of XSL utility to convert Fx's bookmarks back over to IE's. (I did something similar getting Camino to exchange bookmarks with Safari...)


10/30/2006 >> ben

yeah, i basically use delicious and the link-o-matic (pay attention to me!) to handle bookmarks now... mainly because i'm paranoid about a hard drive crash or being out in the world and wanting to reference something but not remembering what site it is...

10/30/2006 >> elfie

1) like I said, I don't need FF to re-import IE, but I'd like IE to re-import FF

2) FF's bookmarks are in HTML, but IE's favorites are actual shortcut files. while this idea is certainly feasible, I was hoping someone else had already done this and I could just steal it :)

3) yeah, I use delicious, but that still doesn't get me my bookmarks in my start menu, which is primarily what I'm after.

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