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and for my next magical trick...
Previous | Next by ben 05 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

interesting thought percolating now... well, interesting to me at least. if you're concerned enough, you can read on until i bore you.
after reading several of neal stephenson's books several times, starting with
in the beginning was the command line, i've always had, sort of in the coastline of my mind like a lighthouse, this idea about the metaphors we use in our lives, and upon our daily work and thoughts. what i find quite amusing is the reaction people have when they temporarily look outside their metaphors, or when they are forced to, as in my friend claire's essay, page 2 at least. it's a moment of shock, disbelief... but wait... all that, is really this?

this isn't to say that the knowledge isn't already there, conceptually, we know all this, that it's all ones and zeroes, imaginary data, so on and so forth, but we choose to operate in the metaphor (for a really good explanation, read that command line link... change your view a little). my friend |Z| however, is in a constant state of testing the water of the metaphor. he is a goal oriented person, and as such, dislikes instant messenger systems (why not use email? it serves the same purpose), doesn't find reason for being connected all the time (it's rude to whomever i'm with at the time! are they not as important as someone online?), and so forth... and yet, he does use instant messenger from time to time, and will use his cell phone in a car with other people.

how we use the metaphor, i think, is a part of how we relate to others in our digital age, on the cusp of really internalizing all of the possibilities out there. as raw computing power grows, i believe we will be able to store more and more information in central locations, to be called up at will from anywhere, so we no longer have to maintain 327 different logins and passwords... did i use qwerty for that email or was it bumblefuck? why can't i remember? and this is why i think the metaphor is so important... and a better bridge for it to real life is also important.

that is all...

1/6/2003 >> pyrex

Aha! |Z|'s a hypocrite. I've been wanting to say that word for a week now. But no, I'm just kiddin. It's hard NOT to do things such as talking on the phone with other people around. I, for one, don't mind (as long as the conversation doesn't draw out too long or the subject becomes completely unnecessary), but I think that this kind of proves how technology and society are changing to override our personal values, if you will.

It's sad. :-(

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