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Previous | Next by ben 15 December, 2006 - 5:32 AM

So, I was hired to this company to build a website that would act as a link between back end builder systems and the company's web application that they license to builders. I've finished the web interface, the whole app itself, except for the part that connects between the back end system and the site.

That's the part I've been working on this week. I got around to the testing part of it, and every time, got errors. I sent and email off to the API help desk (they apparently have enough issues with developers that they've generated an entire department for this), and received this as my reply:

"API was never designed for web application so it will not work."

I think we should have asked that question first...

12/18/2006 >> Dan

Dude, with work experience like that you should become a government contractor.

12/18/2006 >> ben

I was once... planes ran into buildings while i was...

Coincidence? Probably. Do I want to take the chance? probably not

12/18/2006 >> geekpunk

for real... but gov would then tell you had to make it work, and then when it didnt work and the money ran out they would forget about it , until they got another grant, at which point they would start all over, and forget they did it in the first place....

good times....

12/19/2006 >> ben

yeah, that's what i've heard. however, this lovely product is not even government, so what's their excuse for peddling crap that doesn't work with the web?

12/19/2006 >> ben

Also, welcome to our little community!

Everybody! first time commenter! jump on him! hehehe

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