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iPhone: it's [finally] here [for real this time!] almost
Previous | Next by ben 09 January, 2007 - 6:27 AM

engadget reports that the iPhone was really for real announced today, and while it's going to be expensive, it looks like it will be worth it... wifi & bluetooth, iTunes and more... it looks super duper, and still won't supersede my 770, but definitely complement it... finally, a reason to get a new phone.

link from Pete, thanks

1/9/2007 >> muhgcee

God damn it. I never thought I'd be mad that work is buying me a new smartphone. But now this means that I can't get the iPhone.

Poor me :-P

1/9/2007 >> mike

Keeping in mind that the product remains to be seen, what function does your 770 serve that the iPhone doesn't?

1/9/2007 >> ben

well, for one, the tablet is open source, and there are new things coming out for it nearly monthly. things like VPNing, built in RSS, add ins, etc.... it's more of an internet tablet with VOIP, this is a phone with a few cool things like an mp3 player

1/10/2007 >> mike

Open source is certainly a good reason to hold on to your tablet, but from what I've seen, I don't think I'd describe the iPhone as "a phone with a few cool things." It has a full video iPod with 3.5" screen (though only 8 gigs), a full internet browser (not just a mobile version) and a 2 megapixel camera, among other things.

From the website: "a small, handheld device that gives you access to true desktop-class applications and software, including rich HTML email, full-featured web browsing, and applications such as widgets, Safari, calendar, text messaging, Notes, and Address Book. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background."

And yes, I have consumed the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid.

1/10/2007 >> ben

from having the tablet, which has a larger screen, btw, also has all of these things... "desktop class" is a very bad description... I seriously doubt that any handheld at this time, with at most 64 MB of memory (any more than that and you'd likely destroy any battery life expectancy) could handle the same kind of load i'm putting on my laptop right now (running visual studio, outlook, firefox, notepad, trillian, winamp and my kodak photo manager program)... and it's struggling under that sometimes, with a 1GB of memory... i really doubt you can run the email, browser and PIM on the iPhone at the same time without serious lag issues.
I'm not saying it's not cool, I'm just saying i'll use the phone for phone/mp3/some other features, and i'll keep the tablet for browsing, games and video (mainly because i haven't seen anything in this size that comes close to 800x640 pixels)

1/10/2007 >> mike

A double-sized screen is certainly a plus, and you have a vaild point about RAM--unless Apple has made some as-yet unannounced break through in battery technology.

I won't be getting one, but my concerns are different from yours. 1) I'm not interested in switching cell providers. I've never had trouble with Verizon, and I don't fix things that aren't broke, especially when it comes to reliable communication. 2) 8 gigs is too small.

When they come out with the 80 gig version that will work on any network, then I'll trade in my cell and iPod for a unified product.

1/11/2007 >> ben

oh man! totally screw the iPhone! i'm getting a zune phone!

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