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just in case you didn't know
Previous | Next by ben 08 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

recently, while trolling through the symposium, someone made the common mistake of claiming that we only use 10% of our brains. i want to clear this up for everyone. ok, maybe not everyone, but at least all of you who come to my little webhome here... most of this is quoted from myself, and what i told him:
ok, at any moment, most people are using 10% of their brains. but in a given 24 hour period, we use nearly 100% of it. think about it... look at the frontal lobe, that's over 10%, and the visual and auditory cortexes as well make up over 15%.
the reasoning behind this, i found out, is so that our heads don't explode. if you think about it in terms of temperature, the blood in your brain is moving around at 98.7 degrees, and we're using 10% at a time... generating friction by moving chemicals around... if we were to use twice that, about 20% for say, 20 or 30 minutes, the temperature of the blood in the brain would also nearly double, so it would be almost 200 degrees, nearly boiling. as well, when things heat up, they expand, right? so, by this reasoning, if you were twice as mentally active as you are now, your head would blow up. Thanks to my freshman neuroscience professor for that one, hehe.

1/9/2003 >> jackie

truly, that is something i have always wondered about... so it's only 10% at a time, instead of at all? fascinating, thanks ben..... it's good to know that if my head explodes, it's not because i'm using my brain too much......

1/10/2003 >> ben

on a related note, from this and other neuroscience sources, dosing of LSD is commonly known as frying, from the tests that were done (at 'SC they were on college freshmen and prison inmates, w00t), measuring brain activity while under the effects... and yes, brain activity went up 1-5%, raising the blood temperature accordingly, so, considered frying the brain. whee

1/10/2003 >> pyrex


1/11/2003 >> muhgcee

hmm I smell a "case mod" opportunity coming on for my skull. If I can just drill some custom holes and stick some fans on there, maybe a blue cathode light and plexiglass window too . . .

1/12/2003 >> ben

... as a matter of fact, that is something some friends of mine in LA and i talked about, not surprisingly because some people (read early euro anthropologists), when they first discovered tepany from peru and some other places in mesoamerica, they thought it might be an early attempt at cooling...

1/12/2003 >> ben


1/12/2003 >> ben

damn, i give up... i forget what that roflsmiley was..

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