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US forces invade Iranian consulate
Previous | Next by rich 12 January, 2007 - 5:06 AM

Wednesday night the president addressed the nation to say that 20,000 more troops are to enter Iraq. Honestly, this is not really big news. We are increasing troops levels for the 5th time since the conflict started. The timing, after an election where it was made pretty clear that the American people would prefer to see troop levels going down, and not up. That is the point of contention here.

Now let me fill you in on the BIG news. Thursday night we invaded the Iranian Consulate in a northern Kurdish area. We arrested five people carried away documents and computer equipment.. The locals (normally relatively friendly to us) were not very happy about this either. Apparently they sounded our troops for two hours.

NY Times Article

Second, as the president announced and was reported previous to his address we are sending a second carrier battle group to the region, specifically aimed at Iran.

NY Post article

Keep your ears peeled for more provocative acts towards Iran. The press sure will not trumpet them loudly. Bush wants to at the minimum have Israel or our own forces attack Iran from the air. He wants to do this in 2007. He is setting up the justifications now.

and for added fun

1/12/2007 >> muhgcee

Yeah I don't remember the date, but I do remember Bush saying that we wouldn't invade Iran. I am holding him to that, and hopefully if this thing escalates the media will dig up that quote and plaster it on the front page and on the nightly news.

In other news, I was involved in a rally and march last night in San Francisco in protest of the Iraq war. I love my new job location - just one block from the start of the march :-)

3/26/2007 >> rich

The Coming War With Iran: Is it inevitable?

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