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Windows Vista
Previous | Next by muhgcee 18 January, 2007 - 2:36 PM

So, who's upgrading to Windows Vista? I think I will. If I do, I'll go with the Ultimate edition. I hate being senselessly restricted with my software.

And to respond to Ben's comment in the Comic post, I seriously thought more people would comment on the Iran post. Y'all aren't much interested in foreign affairs?

1/19/2007 >> ralph

This is odd, I was talking about this exact topic yesterday with Ben. Yeah, I think I'm going to install Vista, but only if I can get Ultimate. Now, the question is, do I install a cracked version with the activation server, or do it some other way?

Ideas, stu?

1/19/2007 >> muhgcee

Personally, I don't think I want to worry about my Windows not working, so I'll be buying a legit version.

1/22/2007 >> n0manarmy

I'm afraid, I'm very afraid :( I liked what i saw in the early betas but from what i hear, the graphics adaptation and the new kernel setup have kind of gimped gaming. I was going to format and go linux as my primary and vista as my secondary (to see if i can make the transition without too much withdraw) but now i'm thinking XP as my secondary.

1/22/2007 >> muhgcee

Well, I figure just slap some more RAM in there (I've got 2GB as it is, probably not necessary) and maybe another vid card for SLI (I've got a GeForce 7800, hopefully not necessary) and I will be good to go.

1/23/2007 >> Dark_Knight

I've been running Vista for the past few months. It is nice, as far as graphics. When your system is taxed you don't feel it like in XP. Also by the way I have 4GB RAM and 7800 go and 3.4g intel and Vista does run so much smoother than XP. Other than that there is pretty much nothing new. Don't get me wrong better memory usage is definitely Great, but not worth $400. Sorry I'm a little pissed that Visual Studio doesn't really work on Vista and that just turned me off completely.

1/23/2007 >> muhgcee

Haha what the hell. How can they release an OS where Visual Studio doesn't run well?


1/24/2007 >> n0manarmy

What's the memory usage on the glasspane service (or what ever it is?) and the searchindexer service? In the early beta, those suckers were totally 600+mb's of memory and roughly 25-50% cpu usage total.

1/24/2007 >> ben

whoa... you guys are going crazy on me here... hehehe

1/24/2007 >> ben

also, after having gotten a bunch of Ubuntu books for Xmas, i'm inclined to move to that full time. it's really stable, and word is, you can run most anything for windows on it...

1/24/2007 >> n0manarmy

I just want to make sure my gaming isn't going to be hurt too much. I know there's wine and i know of Cedega (which i might use) but my games are very very important to me.

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