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Previous | Next by sarah 09 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

so i'm in the middle of applying to grad school with the hopes of obtaining a master's in library and info science. 4 applications down and 6 to go. one of the most recent applications, to Drexel in Philly, has a redundant application and a lousy, bloody website.

i mean the site doesn't look bad but in order to find anything of importance, deductive reasoning and a tremendous amount of patience is required. for instance after downloading and filling out a paper application by hand, i discover that they have an online application. huh? had i known this i would certainly have applied that way, but didn't see the damn link off on some random sidebar. and then when i am looking for the address on the hardcopy info sent to me by the university, i find an application checklist that reminds the applicant to submit the $50.00 application fee with the rest of their material. i see this after i have made out a $35.00 check as instructed by the downloaded application.

now the program is top 10, but after this i'm not sure how much confidence i have in getting a quality education there if the can't even maintain their own basic departmental info...but hey - maybe i won't get in and it won't matter! :)

1/10/2003 >> ben

that was fast! hehee. here's the link clickable, ;)

i love javascript!

1/10/2003 >> ben

i can't think of drexel, btw, without thinking of True Romance, snicker.

but my friend goes there, nice girl, nice school, great diving program... not that you're interested, but at least the pool is nice

1/10/2003 >> sarah

heh heh. well then if we do end up there at least i will have some way to vent my frustrations - take a nice long swim.

never seen true romance. honest.

1/10/2003 >> ben

gah! the firing squad is closing in on you now! quick! quick! imdb it! hehehe... it ain't whiteboy day! remember that! *runs and hides from the imminent destruction*

1/10/2003 >> pyrex

HaHaHa! Just try pointin' yer guns at me, a whiteboy currently in Africa! There's plenty of us!..

Then again, our number is greatly dwarfed by the amount of indigenous people.. oh dear, they'll just kill us all!

What was the question, again?

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