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Speed dating
Previous | Next by buggEde 25 January, 2007 - 1:44 AM

Jan 24

I'm going to the Melting Pot in Columbia in a few hours for speed dating. It seemed a whole lot more amusing when it was gonna be a big group of my guy friends laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. Well, I was planning on laughing. Now it is just going to be one friend and myself and I think he is taking it pretty seriously.

That's cool... I will have fun, I am sure. I have been intrigued with this concept since I first heard about it. I think it was in Sex and the City... but I am not totally sure. I think that it is a neat concept, honestly. And I can totally see why people would be really into the idea. It really does seem like a low pressure way to meet people.

Well, I will update when I get home. Something tells me I will be pretty amused by the end of tonight.

Update* Jan 25

So last night was actually pretty fun. Matt and I got there exactly on time (cause I, especially, am an anal fuck about being on time) and I was all kinds of worried that we would be super lame and be the first ones there. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) we were almost the last ones to get there. Everyone else had obviously been there for quite some time. It was so amazingly awkward that I was giggling the whole time. Everyone was stealing glances at each other and sizing each other up and NOT TALKING!

So then the thing starts and it was surprisingly easy. I pretty much just launched into my schtick of being a liar face and then backing up. Most of them women thought it was pretty amusing. Some were less amused than others. Here are some of the gems that I said:

"If a day goes by where I don't kick a puppy, I cry."

"I give a child three chances to be good. The first chance I hold up my finger. The second chance I punch them hard, once, between the eyes. There is never a third chance."

"I guess you could say that my biggest hobby is smoking weed. But I also enjoy macrame."

And here were some of my answers for what I do for a living:

"You mean, besides keep it real?"

"Contract killer."

"Job? Mostly I just drink."

"I'm unemployed and I live with my mom. In the basement? No way, attic, Greg-Brady style all the way!"

"Look for ways to scam welfare."

But anyway, I actually had a really good time. Out of 13 'dates', I wouldn't mind seeing about 6 or 7 again. Granted, a couple of them I just want to be friends with and I doubt I'd be serious about dating any of them. But, those are pretty good odds. And I had a ball just cracking jokes and talking to people. Some of them were pretty damned interesting: two were european and doing very interesting graduate work, one worked for NSA, another was a scientist, etc.

Surprisingly enough, I would recommend it to most people who have had trouble meeting people.

1/26/2007 >> ben

i don't know, speed dating can be rough, depending on who's there...

1/26/2007 >> muhgcee

Hehe that one was pretty good Ben...

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