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Babies, mornings, suckage...
Previous | Next by ben 29 January, 2007 - 5:21 AM

So my morning routine at work is pretty well laid out - turn the computer on, wait for it to boot, get some water for the kettle, log in, read a book until the computer finishes loading, check emails and morning news feeds.

On the main tab of my netvibes home page is the feed for boing boing, so i usally read that a few times a day... today they were talking about baby food, linked to babies as food, which got me to reading the main page of this guy's blog...

it's very interesting, and i am recommending it to you... start from the bottom (September 18, 2006) and read up - it's pretty cool. I like this bit especially:

"Why are we afraid to suck? There are two parts to this irrational fear. Part of it comes from the assumption that our work will be unfavorably compared to that of professionals, but professionals are just amateurs that got lucky. If everyone was given all the time and resources they needed we'd all be experts and professionals."

Any time people tell me that I must be extraordinarily smart to be a coder, and to understand this stuff that i do, and my reply is usually along the lines of the above - i just got lucky, and pretty much anyone could do it, if they weren't afraid to suck, and actually wanted to do it...

that is all...

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