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and what good popcorn it was!
Previous | Next by ben 11 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

i'm feeling a bit better today, not 100%, but mostly there. preparations are underway for the final transition... i.e. changing jobs. people at work know... something. it's wild how the "rumor mill" operates. some people think i'm going back to california for school, some people think i'm just quitting and am going to sit around home for a while... amazing how your reality can be based upon what people tell you, even if it isn't reality. it gets back to my question of Truth vs. truth... even the idea of all these things makes them part of Truth, even if, in our world, none of them happen. Claire R.B. used to talk to me of the possibility, or rather, the impossibility to disprove the possibility of infinite universes. lots of possibilities there, i know, but then, who's to say that some omnipotent being isn't changing our world every day, just to see how we would react? it depresses some of my friends, but it's another idea i think is quite interesting.
watching k-19, the widowmaker right now (i'm at home or i'd find the imdb link for you), about the nuclear russian submarine... it's a good story, told by quite a few not-famous actors and of course harrison ford and my favorite, Liam Neeson, erin go bragh! hehehe. i don't think i told any here this story, but Neeson was conspicuously absent at the openings for star wars episode I, except for the one in Dublin, or vice versa, it was a long time ago now, hehe. but... anywho, he's a cool guy, very personable. ahh well, they have a reactor to fix, i'm off.

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