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Previous | Next by ben 02 May, 2007 - 5:55 AM

some cool stuff is going on... so apparently I have unlimited invites, if anyone wants...

5/3/2007 >> tbrown55

Invite who where?

5/3/2007 >> jmcd303

Yeah, so what was Joost again? And have the people here on it used it, liked it, etc?

5/3/2007 >> ben

information over here

5/3/2007 >> ben

if you're hedging, folks, remember, I was talking about RSS in 2003-2004, and you hedged on that too...

5/3/2007 >> jmcd303

Well, I still don't use RSS. My internet is still proudly stuck in the early oughts.

But I'll take an invite, please.

5/3/2007 >> ralph

what's RSS? is it some type of new technology thingee?

5/3/2007 >> muhgcee

Joost was definitely an interesting program/technology. However I have pretty much sworn off TV except for downloading 24 (and I am even getting sick of that) and going to the sports bar (not sick of that). So I haven't used Joost since the first day I installed it.

5/3/2007 >> ralph

Stu.....agreed on Joost. I think it's pretty sweet, but the only place I'd really use it would be at work and it's really too hard to do that, and at home I have a real TV.

Good idea, not sure about it's practical use.

as an aside....Stu, what do you think about 24 this season? IMHO, it's the weakest one so far, and needs to be reworked. Keifer signed on for another 3 years, so we know he's not going to die for some time. If I was a character on the show and knew Jack Bauer, I'd stay the fuck away from him, knowing the kind of days this guy has had in the past.

5/3/2007 >> rich

24 has gone down the crapper in the last few weeks. I hate when they finish one story arch and then switch to a whole 'nother one in the span of 5 minutes. They do that at least once a season, and this seasons switch'aroo has been the worst.

Next few should be good as the show normally finishes strong.

5/4/2007 >> muhgcee

I think 24 was great until Jack killed the dude by choking him with the chain. In fact, that was one of the greatest moments yet. But the whole Audrey plot? The season should have ended after killing the terrorist dude. But...this explains a lot: Fate of world at stake, and '24' is flying blind

5/4/2007 >> ben

way to spoil it! i was half way through season 2!

actually, i wasn't... i have no interest in that show...

5/4/2007 >> muhgcee

Actually you know I thought it would have been great if Audrey had really died and next season had Jack in China getting revenge on all those responsible.

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