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Camping - the initial plan
Previous | Next by ben 07 May, 2007 - 7:36 AM

Well, it's been a while, for me at least, since I've been out in the woods for more than a night or two, and I feel it's time to remedy that. I've brought this up to several people, and gotten slightly more than tepid replies, so I figure it's time to start setting this out, before social butterflies like Ralph already book their weekends... so here we go:

Who: Me, you and whomever else is interested.

What: Camping & Hiking

Where: At the moment I'm leaning towards Seneca Lake, though Sodus Point also has a draw for me (I've been to both, long ago), they're both in my homeworld of Upstate New York.

When: Either around the weekend of the 24th of August or the 31st of August.

Why: because it's camping, and camping is fun!

How: Planes, Trains and Automobiles, my friend.

We can use this post to hash out more concrete information... so far i've found Seneca Lake State Park, though they don't mention size, or hiking options, and Cayuga Lake state park as well, where those inclined can possibly fish... maybe?

Alternatively, shot in the dark kind of thing, if we all happen to have insane amounts of cash lying around, I loved Montana & Wyoming, both of which had great opportunities for some VERY good hiking... Colorado too - but all of those require a) plane tickets and b) more expensive equipment.

So... who thinks what?

5/7/2007 >> ben

alternately, but still on Seneca lake, Sampson State Park looks MUCH bigger... if we decide to have a longer trip, that might be a better idea

5/7/2007 >> Cubby

Sweet, I haven't been camping since '95. Count me interested!

5/7/2007 >> ben

Excellent! and you're on the way! hehehe

5/7/2007 >> rich

Wendy and I are interested for a long weekendish. Carpool!

5/8/2007 >> adrienne

instead of full on camping, why don't we go to the Poconos? It's closer and there's a cabin on Lewis Lake we can use if no one else is. I'll ask the parental units if you want, Ben. They love the shit out of you so they'd probably be all for it. I think there's comfy sleeping for 10 or so w/ the bunk beds. The lake is directly in front of the front porch as well, it's sew beautiful.
Does this defeat the purpose?

5/8/2007 >> ben

a bit, yes... that sounds like a lovely vacation though... i'd definitely like to take you up on it...

5/8/2007 >> ben

rich - that would be cool too... my thought was that many people probably wouldn't want to be up for hardcore backpacking in mountains, camp at the end of the day kind of thing, so i thought this would be a good trip for a few days to a week... perhaps with everyone starting at the same point, and a car parked at a 2-3 day hiking mark, and one farther down for anyone wanting to stay longer, or make a loop...

unless the common consensus would be to find a spot and just roam around it for a couple of days... looking for opinions on that

5/8/2007 >> Dan

I'm partial for finding a spot and milling around there for a few days. I doubt my candy ass can take hauling all my supplies around for a hiking trip.

5/8/2007 >> Dan

Also for a local (to Baltimore)

Its a great place that I have been to many times

5/8/2007 >> adrienne

I love greenbrier, and gambrill. great biking.
I'm with Dan: mill around, candy butts, etc.

5/16/2007 >> elfie

Pie and I have been talking a lot about how neither of us has camped in ages but we really like to. Unfortunately we've both overextended our two-weeks-a-year of vacation with the honeymoon, so we're out unless it's a holiday weekend sort of thing.

5/17/2007 >> ben

i was thinking of making it a week (for me), but having a spot where people can come and go for however long they please...

unfortunately, other than my birthday (National Holiday in Djibouti), there are no holidays that I know of in August.

5/21/2007 >> sarah

sorry it's taken me so long to comment. i'm desperate to go camping this summer but i'm hoping that my next surgery will be about the same time you're all planning your trip. blah.

i expect lots of pics though!

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