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Previous | Next by ben 13 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

yeah, it's a busy afternoon for the spammers, 6 so far since noon! usually they don't come out during the day, but they must be trying to get it all in before my email changes for good. so yeah, no more e.mag for me come friday... a little weirded out by leaving my first job, like flying to LA for school the first time. of course, i had ted to take me to a movie and make it all better then too.
he just got back from brazil, had an awesome trip he says, and i believe it, grin. makes me want my summer vacation that much more. it looks like i won't be able to take my week off before work to travel, but that's ok, i have a lot of things to do, and a week out of town wouldn't take care of any of them, right?
on to bigger things, as a series of usually disparate events have coincided, i've been in a particular mindset the last day or so, with my two largest muses playing strong at this time, Brian and Ted, so i seem to have a lot to say, and i'm going to write it out soon. read it, don't, whatever makes you happy... but i'll post it as a new article when i get it done


1/14/2003 >> ben

oh, and while i'm working on this... some of you should log in and do your profiles! thbbt

1/14/2003 >> sarah

did it!


1/14/2003 >> ben

don't worry, i filled in your NAME for you, ;)

1/14/2003 >> sarah

heh heh heh...

1/14/2003 >> hyena

i started mine, but how do i add a picture on my interweb page screen?

1/14/2003 >> ben

you paste in the url of your photo, hosted somewhere else, or by me if you email it to me, grin. then if you do, like my profile, it shows a picture (i do, have and always will use ass tractor)

1/14/2003 >> hyena

ass tractor??? Hey, keep your sick sex life out of this, I just asked how to post a picture!

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