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The Benefits of Boys
Previous | Next by adrienne 10 May, 2007 - 7:58 AM

For some time now it's been exile in Guyville for me: my friends are boys, %99.9 of the way around the block and that's the way it frikin is. It was neither here or there for quite awhile, I was perfectly happy to have good friends regardless of their gender, but now I am seeing some definite benefits of having all these boys around.

Benefit the First: while dating it becomes difficult to guage whether or not you are behaving, or dressing, in a way that would send a message you didn't want to send...unless your guy friends are dating and they happen to mention things to you.  Things that their ladies do that annoy the shiznit out of them, things that the ladies do that let them know it's all good and lets get right on that in a Hop on Pop kind of way, things that the ladies wear that send a signal, etc.  Rockin benefit.  And this is important because men get the crazy interpretations out of their heads.  Conversation? She may have thought so, but it turns out she really wanted to bob the knob, according to the menfolks.
The menfolks are the crazy and the only people who can understand and interpret are the other menfolks.

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