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Oop! Down I go!
Previous | Next by ben 11 May, 2007 - 2:10 AM

Just like Grandpa Simpson, my first night at Shorty's started with me falling down. Well, sort of... As I was coming in, and getting ready to set up for the night, I noticed that there was still a lot of beer on the refrigerator units, not yet put away. This makes it difficult to get to the DJ area, it's a small opening, so I stepped wide to try to get through without breaking bottles... of course, what I forgot is that "wide" means stepping over the trap door - which, of course, was open. So, down I went, CDJ and Records over one shoulder, left leg in mid-air, right leg sprawled out and left arm tossed in front are ALL that's keeping me from falling all the way through... Yeah, it must have looked pretty funny from some angle, but KNABE (german - boy) that hurts!

Luckily, things settled down again for a while - until the 5 alarm fire that broke out a block away... trucks and ambulances blaring over Coop's set... though he was a trooper and never dropped a mix the whole time. Again, things settled down, and a few of the rubberneckers even came in for a few drinks, which was very cool. I finally got out of Shorty's at 3:30, after talking with a fireman that was the spitting image of Jack McGee from Rescue Me and gave me permission to drive over the sidewalk (yeehaw!), and I was home by 3:30...

For those interested, I was very pleased with my set - just under 2 hours (Coop wanted to hop back on for the last 20 minutes), only 1 mix slid out, but no one really noticed (nice thing about that bar), and the 4 new tracks I had went well - Troydon's Wanna Tell Ya, DJ M3's Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (I may have played the JT Donaldson remix... I do like his stuff), Andy Caldwell's Warrior (with my favorite singer - Lisa Shaw), but NOT the Claude Von Stroke remix, because Coop played that earlier, and the other mixes are VERY different, and Kenton Slash's Pistol Pete from De Pistol Pete EP... all good stuff, and I'm happy with them, hehe. And I'm down again.

5/11/2007 >> jmcd303

"Just like Grandpa Simpson, my first night at Shorty's started..."

Grandpa Simpson spun at Shorty's????

5/11/2007 >> ben

He started the joint! Back before womenfolk were allowed, and you peed in the the trough at the bar...

DJ Stumbles is back in the mix now, I guess...

5/11/2007 >> adrienne

I almost don't care if you are upset with this: I found a friendly ortho up the street from us through one of the attys here; call me @ work and I'll see if they take your ins and set up an appt if you want. This guy is tops and does mad defense work so you know he's conservative w/ his tx schedules. That leg looked painful yesterday and I can't imagine it's much better today. I worry for my stumbly friend.

5/11/2007 >> ben

it's a lot better today, just sore... really, i've done much worse to it and come through fine... i'm sure by the next week it'll be a lot better

5/11/2007 >> muhgcee

Damn...that sounds painful.

I once banged my shin on a set of stairs and I think I still have a bone chip floating around there somewhere.

5/14/2007 >> Pie

I thought the German word for boy was Junge. That's the noun, I guess yours is slang for the exclamation... Verflixt!

5/14/2007 >> ben

it's from something my dad used to say, it was a terrible, very literal translation word by word of "Boy that smarts" to "Knabe das klugs", it's really nonsensical (it comes out as "boy that intelligently!" in babelfish), but yeah... hehehe it hurt.

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