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I said ambiance not ambulance.
Previous | Next by tbrown55 14 May, 2007 - 3:39 AM

Planning for movie will be a serious comedy involving awkwardness and elevators. One day, I will meet the people who will help me make this happen and then I will have to pay them. That's probably why I haven't met them yet. I lack budget and have little to no knowledge of the workings of the local or national or global film industry, but I do know a thing or two about communicating good. with people.?

So there you have it. I've just exposed one of my plans to further ensconce myself into the world of the arts, thereby gaining Baltimore the national attention that it needs in order to begin moving out of the fucking gutter and at least onto the curb for now.

If you look at the Wikipedia article on "world city" or "global city", you will see that the authors of the entry have put forth that there is only minimal evidence of world city formation here in Baltimore and that muh friends is not acceptable to me, but not to worry because there's a thing called global consciousness and there's also a thing called human consciousness or simply consciousness and it is through the use of imagery...meaningful imagery that a human mind can be shaped and motivated and / or demotivated. The global mind can be manipulated similarly by using the networks where minds turn to find meaning, ie the media.

But of course, public image can only get a city so far. Actual production must occur for this city to have a substantial position in the arena of the global cities. I am talking about industry, fools! (note to the reader: not you. i don't think you're a fool) and education, but that takes communication and Baltimoreans are not so good at talking with each other or sitting in the same room with each other.

Can we work together and extend our sphere of mutherfukking influence? I think so. I know so... for it has been shown to me.

5/14/2007 >> rich


5/14/2007 >> tbrown55

Process innovation is made possible by new technology or using old technology in new ways.

5/14/2007 >> bawlmerbits



5/14/2007 >> adrienne

I still am a bit confused. Celebrate or Celibate? Comprimise or Compost Lies?
mais bien sur, c'est normale

5/14/2007 >> tbrown55

Confused eh?

Imagine how you'd feel if you saw a man with a gun shooting a keyboard in his attempt to send a message to someone.

edward gun hands. there are too many edward gun hands running around baltimore. they need better tools.

5/14/2007 >> tbrown55

to bawlmerbits: the ambulance goes weee--ooooo weeee---ooooo and it flashes brightly and quickly. It's glaring and blaring imposition upon the senses is like the opposite of ambiance, pronounced: "am-bee-yance" and not "om-bee-onts".

The ambiance is necessary for nightlife. There is a visual component and an audio component to the ambiance. Some bars and restaurants have ambiance.

5/14/2007 >> ben

what's the matter with that? that's how i learned how to type...

the electronics bills were always pretty steep though, growing up.

seriously though - are you saying it's the crime that's the main thing holding baltimore back from being great?

5/14/2007 >> tbrown55

that's part of the puzzle, but let me list the other parts of the puzzle.

crime, racism, classism, unemployment, lack of education, lack of comprehensive rail transit, lack of industry, lack of national media, the fact that the city is independent <-- people work here, but don't live they pay taxes to and increase property values in their home counties...the counties benefit from Baltimore, but don't have to help us with our budgets, ok back to the lacks: lack of world view, lack of tourist spots around town, lack of confidence, lack of celebrity, lack of parking, etc etc I am saying is that there are many things lacking, but what I attribute it all to is the poor communication.

Baltimorean citizenry are so fractured that they cannot effectively communicate with one another unless forced. This slows the economy down tremendously by my estimates. What makes things happen? Language does, among other things. If Baltimore's people could talk about anything to anyone, then we'd be on top of the world. I know that examples come to mind of good communication, so let's not dismiss the fact that some people in the city do communicate well with others, but I am going to attribute lack of communication at least in part to every ill Baltimore faces.

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