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Conspiracy Theory
Previous | Next by Casey 13 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

I heard a funny thing on NPR on the way home from work this morning. Do you remember that last Osama bin Laden audio tape that was released to Al Jazeera? The one that led everyone to belive he had survived the invasion of Afganistan? Apparently an American team of technicians analyzing the tape were 90% sure it was the voice of Osama bin Laden. The was another gruop of technicians though, from Switzerland, and they were 90% sure it _wasn't_ Osama bin Laden. hmmmmm Could it be that the US really thinks bin Laden is dead but would rather have us thinking otherwise for fear that we would become "dangerously satisfied" if we found out he was dead?

1/15/2003 >> ben

considering we're not really doing much in the silk road area shy of keeping the government in power there, i don't think they really care whether we care if he's alive or not anymore... people have just kind of gone "meh" at it recently, from what i've seen/read

1/15/2003 >> pyrex

I'd like to say "no shit" here, but it sounds a bit too mean.. and from the general feel of things, Osama isn't of the highest importance anymore.. The new fad is obviously Saddam while North Korea a bit of an unfortunate side-dish..

1/15/2003 >> ben

last night's (yesterday's?) daily show had them complaining that Iran is making us look foolish by not doing anything evil... even... slightly... good? heheheh

1/16/2003 >> rich

exception being that they fund hezbollah.
Althought that is more of a being evil to Israel and not to the US of A. This is a difference that I think more people should understand.

1/21/2003 >> spike

'evil' I wonder if perhaps we should really think what that word means. By using it we buy into a judeo-christian moral and ethical philosophy that i believe is dangreous. Dangerous because it is so narrow, so entrenched in a world of dualisms that do not truly exist! This is a world of nuance and grey areas and cannot be neatly divided into GOOD and EVIL as the president so believes. Religious doctrine should be taken out of politics completely!!

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