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Vacation - Staying Connected vs. Unconnected
Previous | Next by ben 31 July, 2007 - 12:30 AM

While I am usually the first person to make a case for complete & total lack of communication with the outside world when you're on a vacation - a really really good one at least... I'm glad I was able to keep up with emails and such over the weekend - since I was off yesterday, and in the car the whole time, I missed 72 emails, one day's worth. Imagine if I had missed all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday - my morning's productivity (such as it is normally) would be completely shot... so, I for one am glad that I stayed connected this weekend.

What's the stance of the peanut gallery? We already know Jamie stays connected, even on his honeymoon, so who else wants to chime in? hehehe

7/31/2007 >> elfie

Well... I stay semi-connected. On the honeymoon, we only checked up on stuff we deemed "essential." I ignored most emails except wedding follow-up stuff. And the only posts I made were the ones you saw here in regard to networking issues that were vacation-related. That's usually my vacation-connectivity stance... I only use the connectivity for stuff that is FOR the vacation. Otherwise, I'm not really "getting away" :p

7/31/2007 >> muhgcee

When I was at the beach I enjoyed staying on top of my RSS feeds.

7/31/2007 >> AnarchyX

Its not a vacation if you are on the beach with a fcking computer. Unplug man. I'm can't wait for TSHTF, when we will all be too busy killing one another for that last tank of juice to worry about emailing gay youtube clips to one another.

7/31/2007 >> muhgcee

Well, it may not be your vacation, but since I get enjoyment out of reading blogs/news sites then I don't see why not.

Before I did RSS I brought serious political books to the beach to read (and still do). That is actually one thing I love about vacation. Plenty of time to read. Plenty of time to think about what I've read. Actually on vacations I have read some of the most life-changing stuff that I have ever read.

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