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To the DJs of the group
Previous | Next by callmejman 01 August, 2007 - 6:51 AM

Hey all,

I noticed some of you are DJs. I dabble in mixing too. Here is a mix I dropped fairly recently. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!


Mudd - Spielplatz (Quiet Village Remix)

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (DJ Harvey Remix)

Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma

Soft Rocks - Midnight Drive

Force of Nature - Transmute

Kid Creole - Double on Back

Trussle - Love Injection

Kwanzee Posse - Wicked Funk

Mudd - Garden Love Fat

Rise - Action

William Pitt - City Lights

8/2/2007 >> ralph

Techno sucks

8/2/2007 >> callmejman

lol. no worries, no techno here. give it a listen :)

8/2/2007 >> ben

he's just crotchety, Justin, he was really into it for longer than most of us care to admit... hehehe

8/2/2007 >> ralph

whatever. techno, trance, house, it's all the same.

8/2/2007 >> ben

Ralph, I can't recall ever hearing a Techno remix of an Alan Parsons Project song - but if you can dig one up, i'd be happy to listen, hehehe

8/2/2007 >> callmejman

thanks Ben. was going to say the same thing. no offense to this guy ralph. but he is talking out of his arse. are you a 'hip hop" guy i wonder?

8/2/2007 >> ralph

Alan Parsons Project? is that on OM?

8/2/2007 >> ralph

no Jay, I'm a big country guy.

8/2/2007 >> callmejman

oh well, then i can't help you. and my names justin. but you can call me j man :)

8/2/2007 >> ralph

whatever, fish.

8/2/2007 >> callmejman

fish? not sure I understand. you seem like an angry sort of fellow

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