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Looking for a laptop
Previous | Next by ishman 15 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

I am in the market for a laptop and in my journey for looking for the perfect laptop for myself I found out that there is no way on earth to find out any information on a laptop motherboard. All you can find out is what the notebook/Laptop supplier shows you. Is it an Intel or is it just using an Intel chipset? Its kinda like going and buying a car and they wont tell you whats under the hood. Only everyone is doing it. Another thing.. While I am at it. If you can build your own Desktop then why not be able to build your own laptop. It seems you cant "Buy" anything to build a laptop. Sounds like a great oppertunity to make a killing $$$$ and drive down the costs of laptops while doing it.

Any thoughts?

1/17/2003 >> rich

Dell rocks my socks. I have been very happy with my Inspiron 8000 that I have had for nearly 2 years. BYO laptops would be impractical because it would be hard to have standardized size mini parts. Heat dissipation is an issue that good laptop makers spend a lot of time figuring out.

1/17/2003 >> ishman

Well I am looking at the Alienware Area51m from Alienware (3.06 ghz processor) Just too bad they dont have AMD Athlon Laptops so I have to settle for Intel

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