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two plus two equals five
Previous | Next by rich 16 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

While we are passionate about these topics I thought I would direct you here to a nice discussion on K5 about the recent race based college admissions court case. If Bush is throwing his hat into this fray, I figure Easily Amusing can too.

1/17/2003 >> ben

whee! it's more fun than affirmative action!

1/17/2003 >> spike

first statement: the U of MIich system is NOT a quota system. Thats the first fault of the conservative spin on this issue.

second statement: only the undergrad college and not the law school uses the extra point system for race.

third statement: out of 100 points, being a minority only gets you 20 points. There are extra points for being an athlete and other characteristics.

I agree with affirmative action. I also would like to see affirmative action be more class and race based than just race based. A rich african american or whatever should not get the step up that a poor white student would get. Thats the diversity i would like to see in colleges, less rich kids, more poor and working class students.

I find it appaling that Bush who benefited from Legacy Affirmative Action, now wishes to deny poor, working class and minorities the help they need to make it past historical and institutional racism in college recruitment and placement.

1/17/2003 >> jackie

yes. notice that no conservatives get fired up about the thousands of kids every year who get into college based on the fact that their parents/grandparents went to the same school, which is in effect giving them preference based on their class status.

1/17/2003 >> ben

1 point... 1 point for being an athlete.

1/17/2003 >> rich

I get fired up about legacy admissions. Although many other people often do, I do not classify myself as conservative. I might actually classify myself as liberal, however in the older 19th century definition of liberal.

1/17/2003 >> ben

pfagh... you're an anarcho syndicalist commune all to yourself! grin

1/17/2003 >> robin

Might as well throw in my two cents on this issue: I went to Michigan (as most of you already know) and I can tell you, they don't use a quota system. They use race as they use other factors, as Spike said. Also, this school is still darn white for being so liberal. I mean, there is a lot of people of color on campus, but at the same time, for all its diversity, they have not reached critical mass. They still have a long way to go. I can't even dream what the implications of this case will be if the Court sides with the white students.

1/19/2003 >> jackie

even condoleeza rice came out in support of using racial background as a factor in some cases... as well she should since has benefited from it.... see her history at stanford in a washington post article i don't know how to link....

1/20/2003 >> jackie

posting to note that while Bush does not support affirmative action, he does support increasing funding for historically black universities... can anyone else say "separate but equal"?

1/20/2003 >> robin

personally, I think it's a ploy. He's saying, I'm coming out on the side of the white students on this affirmative action case and just so that I'm not seen as 100% racist, I'll increase funding for historically black colleges. But I never thought to look at the issue from the whole "separate but equal" angle....interesting....

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