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since so few of you actually go
Previous | Next by ben 16 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

i think Brian is the only regular reader i've gotten to Lileks... so i'm going to entice you with a quote:
"I was watching the Simpsons on Tuesday, the area-code episode, and Homer learns that the Who are coming to town. “I’m their biggest fan,” he said, “even when they were the Hillbilly Buggerboys.”

I wrote that down, thinking I’d want to remember it. I also wrote down some words about a Perkins commercial that featured Chicken Fried Steak, which was shown, as always, slathered in “Country Gravy.” The phrase struck me as amusing; it’s like saying “Rural Sauce.” So I wrote that down too. Next morning my wife comes down and sees a Post-It note on the counter:

Country Gravy
Rural Sauce
Hillbilly Buggerboys

She’s used to this, actually."

who writes like this? really!!! my favorite daily.

1/17/2003 >> ben

i got through today's post on his site backwards, and it all makes sense... especially this:
This is not going well. Consciousness, I mean. I woke with that profound exhaustion that signals a grim day ahead. I can’t wake up. My stupid fault for staying up stupidly late working on that stupid John Le Stupide piece. It’s everyone else’s fault for saying stupid things. Everyone is stupid but me.

1/17/2003 >> ben

actually, now that i think about it, i am beginning to realize that he has the voice that i want but know i can't achieve in my writing, that of the relaxed philosopher in his armchair (or laz-y-boy recliner, if you will), who has been there and done that, knows he has the time to enjoy himself, and really does have a worthwhile viewpoint on the world.

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