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D&D 4th Edition Spacing
Previous | Next by elfie 16 August, 2007 - 11:01 PM

D&D 4th Edition Announced at GenCon

Can anyone explain to me how it makes any sense to space the release of the 4E Player's Guide and DM's Guide by 2 months? I mean... don't you really need both to get a game going? I suppose all of the really important stuff is in the Player's Guide and you could probably run a game from just what's in there... but... I dunno... not releasing them at the same time just seems dumb.

Also, the new Monstrous Manual is being released in between them. It's definitely useful and all, but how does it get release precedence over the DM's Guide?

8/17/2007 >> n0manarmy

I guess they're assuming that no one plays anymore and that they're just reading the books so they're trying to release them Harry Potter style...keep'm coming but space far enough apart to still have ravenous fans?

Then again I'm probably just talking out of my ass

8/17/2007 >> muhgcee

Heh yeah I'm pretty sure people still play D&D. I tried to play once in high school, but when I kept saying "oh I can't this weekend, I've got this or that going on," it was declared that I was "too cool" for D&D. Damn it! Sounds like fun.

8/20/2007 >> callmejman

I think that if you go outside more than once a week you're "too cool" for D&D. At least you should be.

8/20/2007 >> ben

from ishkur:


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