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Protestin' in DC
Previous | Next by sarah 17 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

robin and i went to the anti-war/peace protest and got back oh, not long after 6PM.
it was enormous and very, very peaceful. towards the
end of the march the cops just looked cold and board
and i saw some who seemed to just be talking w/ some
of the protesters there.

my conservative estimate is 250,000 but my guess is
there were @ least 100,000 more. it's difficult to
really assess that kind of number from the ground.
incredibly diverse crowd - welfare rights groups,
labor unions, church groups, nuns, buddists, hippies,
hipsters, old folks, drag queens (i have pictures),
kiddies, famlies, queer groups, psychologists, students,
- it was really neat. and it felt incredible to stand
along side everyone who is so different but is speaking
with the same voice.

tons of pictures to come. i'll post the link when they're up.

1/19/2003 >> jackie

so jealous! i bet that was an amazing experience. it's the kind of thing that we really want to take the girls to when they are a little older. can't wait for pictures!

1/19/2003 >> robin

woot! the protest made the front page of the nytimes online...

1/19/2003 >> sarah

yes, jackie you guys really should. there were lots of munchkins braving the weather - lots. and for the most part all seemed very happy. i felt that the presence of so many children was really telling (parents that weren't happy w/sending them w/a sitter or something, but wanted them to experience what it was like to exercise thier own constitutional rights, what it looks like when people do so, etc.) so i took lots of pictures of kiddies.

and it did make the cover of the NYT, however thier coverage was far too minimal, and easily overlooked. the pictures on the inside were less than stellar, the article was brief and sweeping. very disappointing and, in my mind, dismissive.

the post was far better.

1/19/2003 >> sarah

also, jackie i meant to say also that there were many breastfeeding mamas! it was nice to see.

1/19/2003 >> sarah

here's the link

1/20/2003 >> muhgcee

OK I am assuming this was a peace protest? Can't tell for sure because you never actually said so in your post.

1/20/2003 >> sarah

um....yeah. peace/anti-war protest.
here's one of the sponsors

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