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one light goes out, they all go out!
Previous | Next by ben 19 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

just a short note, today being my first day at dark cloud (where i work now, yay)... i got to do some mobile phone development, some palm development... all very nice. jay's taste in music is pretty good, a little more trance than i like, but can't go wrong with soul coughing... ever. i may bring in headphones, if i can get the drive to recognize my music dvds... but it doesn't seem to like them.
anywho, i can't complain for lack of technology... i have an ipac, a palm, a lattitude laptop (with extra battery! w00t!), an of course, all the msdn software (double w00t!), wireless card (don't know about the setup yet, but we can get to that), the whole nine yards - a nice record label by the way, w/meat katie and dylan rhymes on there, quite recommended.
won't be online much, at least, for chatting and such, because, the best part is, there is no lack of work! i have stuff to do out the wazoo, and stuff to do when that stuff's done, grin. i don't think i'll be having nearly as much time for web surfing either... except early in the morning and maybe late at night. ahh well, work is better than anything else... they pay me to do this!

side note: my mom's computer has no dvd drive, but has a zip and cd rom drive. my father's computer that has a dvd drive has no zip drive, and his computer that has a zip drive has no dvd drive. how do i get my songs, which are on dvd, to my mom's computer? and for my next magical trick...

1/20/2003 >> ben

about dialup - it keeps sucking worse and worse... i think i'm going to try and do things so that it's easier here for people who use dialup...

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