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Kongregate - Fun Flash Games
Previous | Next by elfie 28 September, 2007 - 3:37 AM

So I've been having fun playing around on Kongregate lately. It's not your average website-full-of-flash-games. I mean, it IS a website full of flash games, but they've integrated this really cool points and trophies system around the website that kind of ties the whole thing together.

So if you achieve certain accomplishments in various games, you get points added to your account and a badge is displayed on your profile. I hear this is like XBOX Live, but I wouldn't know. Gain enough points and you gain a level. I'm level 6! FTW! What does that actually mean? I have no idea, but having my video game brain, it's exciting. They also have a weekly challenge that if you completely it, you get a card for their upcoming (digital) collectible card game.

It's a cool system and so far I've actually enjoyed almost all of the games I've tried. Check it out and add me as a friend!

That link SHOULD automatically add you as my friend if you join. You can play without joining, but you can't get badges ;)

9/28/2007 >> muhgcee

FTW = for the win

So it might work better saying "Kongregate FTW!"

9/28/2007 >> elfie

well I was more implying that me being level 6 was for the win :)

10/1/2007 >> n0manarmy

Yeah, you got me hooked on this site after posting about that TD style game a while back.

10/1/2007 >> elfie

oh yeah? awesome. what's your user name so I can friend you? :)

10/2/2007 >> n0manarmy

n0manarmy :)

10/2/2007 >> elfie

BAM! Friended! hehee

2/5/2015 >> melisa

here is another one that i found fast and no ads

9/22/2015 >> finalbidz

fond it in a lot other places quite
do some research guys .

<a href="" title="Finalbidz"><strong>Wholesale</strong></a>
<a href="" title="Finalbidz"><strong>FinalBidz</strong></a>

9/22/2015 >> finalbidz

fond it in a lot other places quite
do some research guys .

sorry for the above comment i am not good with this html .

<a href="" target=_blank">Wholesale</a>
<a href="" target=_blank">FinalBidz</a>

9/22/2015 >> finalbidz

<a href="" target=_blank"></a>

this might work :P

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