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ok, for once and for all...DINNER PLANS
Previous | Next by ben 20 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

the dinner is, as far as you all know, saturday, the 25th of january, about 9ish or 10ish... but lasting until about wheneverish... we're shooting for that sushi place in towson, right around the traffic circle, if you don't know it, creighton has directions/information whathaveyou... i don't even know much about it myself, other than the recommendations. Ralph is coming with me, anyone else wishing to come with me can meet at my place, or we can hang out all day or whatever paddles your canoe (hi ladies!)...
i'm going to talk to creighton tonight and find out the real name of the place and make reservations or whatever... so... i'll try to call each of you personally before tomorrow night about this, but as of know, here is fair warning

1/21/2003 >> pyrex

Ok um.. sure I'll be there. Lemme just catch yet ANOTHER flight outta sweden. Sheesh, globetrotter is me.

1/21/2003 >> ralph

Sweet!!! It's finally on! But ben, what are you doing, posting my whereabouts on the Interweb where everyone can see??? I'm going to have to wear my Groucho Marx glasses so I won't be mobbed by my throngs of fans.

Seriously though, I can't wait for this weekend.

1/21/2003 >> ben

the hair will throw them off, man, don't worry

1/21/2003 >> ben

I'm told, btw, it's sushi hana... no worries?

1/21/2003 >> robin

Geeked...the term is geeked. As in, "I am GEEKED for this weekend." Anyways, can't wait to see you...with HAIR!

1/22/2003 >> spike

ok. sounds good. But for us old people with children, could we get a more specific time. Babysitters need to be gotten and all that.

1/22/2003 >> ben

fire for 8 p.m.? we all hunky dori with that?

1/22/2003 >> spike

sure sure. 8pm, sounds great. :) still have to find ourselves a babysitter.

Ben - is sarahs invited to this thing? i havent said anything to her, i just was hoping she would be able to sit on my children

1/22/2003 >> ben

i don't think i have room for her...

1/22/2003 >> spike

ok, thats what i figured. better for me cause now i have a possible babysitter.

1/22/2003 >> robin

dren: you feeling any better? lemme know...

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