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the political economy of halo 3
Previous | Next by alana 08 November, 2007 - 8:34 AM

At the risk of stirring up some heated political controversy, I wanted to post this article from WIRED because it's one of the more surprising and interesting gaming articles I've ever read.

Suicide bombing - the strategy of the underdog

I think Scott Kurtz must have seen this article, too, because as of today's strip, it seems obvious where this particular story arc (which starts here ) is going . . .

11/8/2007 >> adrienne

I read a great article that notes suicide bombers usually come from polygamous societies. Mostly because the guys who aren't likely to get even one wife (cause all the good ones are taken by 10% of the other guys) have nothin to live for, genetically it seems pretty cool to go to heaven and get your groove on with 40 virgins.
That's pretty much the only bad part about polygamy. The bombings.

11/8/2007 >> alana

Call me crazy, but I think suicide bombers usually come from places where they have a hell of a lot more to worry about than getting laid, like their families getting bombed and raped by the US or IDF, having no jobs, food, electricity or running water, and very little hope of surviving under occupation anyway.

11/8/2007 >> adrienne

or Utah
it was just a paper.

11/8/2007 >> alana

Not that I think suicide bombing is a *good* tactic, outside of Halo 3, mind you. But there are material reasons that it happens, not because "those brown non-christian people are just crazy and want to die."

The continuation of these occupations by the US and Israel totally rely on racism against Arabs, in exactly the same way that the Holocaust relied on racism against Jews. Jews fighting back in the Warsaw Ghetto are called Freedom Fighters, but Palestinian, Iraqi, and Afghan citizens who resist occupation (which is allowed under international law) are all called terrorists -- why is that?

11/8/2007 >> rich

Regardless of what is going down around you, guys are always worried about getting laid.

Laddies, do you part to end violence in the world!

11/8/2007 >> alana

Haha -- believe me, I would like to! (I'm assuming you meant ladies, not "laddies", though the lads should do their part for those with certain tastes . . .)

I have to go do some poltical organizing till about 10 pm. Talk to y'all later!

11/8/2007 >> muhgcee

That article reminds me of Jamie's P.A.I.N (I think I remembered rightly to leave off the last period) Quake mod. My favorite weapon in the game was the drill rocket. You shot it at someone, it drilled inside of them for a few seconds, and THEN it blew up. The strategy, of course, if you got hit by one was to run at the person that shot you, catching them in the inevitable explosion.

11/8/2007 >> elfie

yes, leaving off the last period is correct :)

My favorite way to kill was actually a combo hit. I'd freeze someone with the freeze gun, stopping them in place for like 10 seconds, then switch weapons and stick a proximity mine on their back (the explode when they sense motion nearby). It would arm after 3 seconds. That would leave the person standing there unable to do anything for about five seconds, knowing the entire time that the moment they unfreeze, they're going to get blown to bits.

11/9/2007 >> ben

you... you... you're CRUEL!

i'm never playing that with you... ever

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