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What Movies Do I Want?
Previous | Next by elfie 04 December, 2007 - 11:35 PM

Because my wife is fucking awesome, she got me a 60GB PlayStation 3 for the first night of Hanukah! Why is the 60GB so cool? They're not making them any more and they're the only model that actually has the PlayStation 2 hardware inside it, so it maintains over 97% backward compatibility with previous-generation games, as opposed to the 80GB's 72% compatibility through software emulation. Hotness.

Anyway, point being that Sony has a promotion right now where if you buy a Blu-Ray player (including a PS3), they'll give you five Blu-Ray movies for free. I need your help selecting. Here's the list:

1The PrestigeWild HogsPirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Full Metal Jacket
3Stir of Echoes
American Psycho
The Devil's Rejects
4The Patriot
5Chain Reaction
The Omen 666
Flight of the Phoenix

Hart's War
The Last Waltz

I get one movie from each category. For category 1, we already have Pirates on DVD, but we know we love it, so it'd be cool to have it in HD. We've really wanted to see Wild Hogs though and I've heard good things about The Prestige.

Category 2 is Superman. No question there.

Category 3 is a complete toss-up. I've seen American Psycho and I liked it, but I haven't seen either of the others.

Category 4 is definitely not The Patriot. I thought it was definitely not S.W.A.T. either until I saw that Samuel L Jackson was in it. Though Milla Jovovich is in Ultraviolet and it looks like it'd be a pretty movie in HD even if it's not a good movie in HD.

Category 5 is just rough. I don't think there's anything noteworthy in there other than the fact that I have seen Chain Reaction and Species and none of the others. I wouldn't go out and pay to own either of those movies, but I wouldn't leave the room if they were on and someone else was watching them.

Any suggestions? I've TiVoed and NetFlixed as many of these as I could, and I have until the end of February to decide, but I'd appreciate anyone's input who may have an opinion.

12/5/2007 >> ben

Prestige, Superman (i agree), American Psycho (but Stir of Echoes has that cool Kevin Bacony quality... hehehe), I have to go with SWAT because of my distastes for Mel & I just didn't like Ultraviolet that much... and shit blows up good in SWAT... hehe, Flight of the Phoenix...

sadly, only 2 of those movies (The Prestige & Superman) I actually really like... hehehe

12/5/2007 >> absolutcrobi

Full metal jacket(Is that a jelly doughnut private pyle),
American Psyco, hands down.

12/5/2007 >> alana

I loved The Prestige; even though you can figure out the entire movie in the first 30 seconds, it's still incredibly suspenseful (a lot like Memento in that way).

I can't believe anyone would choose Superman over Full Metal Jacket!!

(I haven't seen any of the movies in categories 3, 4 or 5.)

12/5/2007 >> elfie

"I can't believe anyone would choose Superman over Full Metal Jacket!!"

Hi Alana, I'm Jamie. We've obviously never met. :)

12/5/2007 >> ben



12/6/2007 >> adrienne

I really like Stir of Echoes...even though it's scary and creepy

12/6/2007 >> elfie

Scary and creepy is good. Pie likes scary and creepy.

12/10/2007 >> elfie

Update: I received Superman on Blu-Ray for Hanukah! So it sounds like Full Metal Jacket might be a winner for category 2 afterall! hehehe

12/10/2007 >> alana

You won't regret it!

12/10/2007 >> muhgcee

Hmm not working too well on Vista...

12/10/2007 >> muhgcee

woops, wrong thread.

12/12/2007 >> elfie

We saw Wild Hogs last night. It was definitely an entertaining movie, but not one we need to own. The Prestige is coming next :)

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