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the anti-war movement is a vice of evil
Previous | Next by Anne 29 January, 2003 - 7:00 PM

"WASHINGTON - Iraq sent spies from Canada to New York and Washington this month to snoop and stir up anti-war demonstrations, according to a government report obtained by the Daily News."

I love it when anti-war protests are blamed on terrorists. Welcome to America folks!

1/30/2003 >> spike

dont you know that if you dont want war against evil then you must be a pawn of evil yourself??

Is there any corner of this world where i could live and not have to deal with this kind of crap and raise yaks? I was thinking the hills of Spain, but jackie says there are no yaks there, but couldnt i import yaks?

1/30/2003 >> Anne

I have a friend that lives on an island off the coast of Alaska. They don't have yaks, but they have lots of fish. Would you consider becoming a fisherman?

1/30/2003 >> sarah

um, if you can find a place pete and i are there! except i want to set up a datahaven on some small island near the equator...

1/30/2003 >> spike

i forgot to mention that, as sarah, something near-equitorial would be prefered. Thanks for the alaska offer though! Spain is about the furthest north and then pretty much anywhere south that dont get cold EVER! :)

It dont have to yaks either, theres lots of cash-crops that we could all grow that would sustain us and the datahaven, as long as the US is in drug war mode that is. ;p

1/30/2003 >> pyrex

we got um, cows..? but no, the cold and the snow will keep anyone out.

1/31/2003 >> muhgcee

So when I had the beard I looked like a terrorist but didn't sound like one because I was more for the war for most, but now that I got rid of the beard I am becoming more anti-war, so now I just think like a terrorist but I don't look like one. Ugh, how can I escape?

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