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Windows 7
Previous | Next by n0manarmy 11 January, 2009 - 12:14 PM

It's on my laptop and the verdict is still out. Right now if I use IE 8 to post on it crashes. Otherwise it's decent. I'll post as I go

1/11/2009 >> ben

i've loaded it on one of mine too - so far so good, except the sound card drivers don't work (apparently they had the same problem with vista as well..)

1/12/2009 >> n0manarmy

It really shocked me to see the properties for my hard drive after the install. It listed out of 149GB that 35GB was used. All I installed was Avast, Open Office, and the Lenovo System Tools...oh and Windows 7.....

1/13/2009 >> n0manarmy

Cisco VPN caused it to blue screen when I rebooted after install. Windows did see this, asked if I wanted to repair (having no other choice) and I said yes. Next reboot I was back at my desktop with no VPN. It did appear that it removed some of the files, but not all of the files. I'm trying the latest version which is

1/13/2009 >> ben

of note - an update already came out that fixes a potential mp3 problem...

so far, other than (what one can hope are pre-release) bugs, how are you liking it?

1/14/2009 >> n0manarmy

I love the look and feel. I hate the fact that it goes to sleep and never wakes up without crashing windows.

1/14/2009 >> n0manarmy

The task manager features are amazing!!! I don't know if they were in Vista or not but they're very much Linux.

If you go to the performance tab and click Resource Monitor, it shows you all the processes going on and gives you an advanced feel to the standard processes in task manager.

1/14/2009 >> ben

that's pretty cool - there's always been the handy tool procexp for older windows, i'm glad they finally incorporated it...

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