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In the fabled words of the e-trade baby "I just bought stock...."
Previous | Next by n0manarmy 28 January, 2009 - 7:12 AM

I figured, if any time was the time to buy stock, it's now. The tech sector has taken a huge beating along with the rest of the stock market. AMD's stock is roughly $2.30+ a share (which I bought 150 shares of at $2.00 exactly.) The rest of the companies that I know and love, as well as follow, have been thoroughly trounced to the point that it's almost somewhat affordable.

We all know AMD and Intel aren't going to go out of business anytime soon, we see them in every facet of our environment. Also NVidia, Microsoft, and HP are still going strong, they're stock's just hurting because everyone else is.

I opened up an Ameritrade account and put in the minimum required. I was a little leery at first but now I don't regret it. If the stocks go any lower, which they haven't and I don't foresee that they will, we all know what companies are inherently the foundation of the tech markets and that they'll rebound sooner or later.

There may be no better time than now. Just a heads up.

1/28/2009 >> muhgcee

AnarchyX in 3...2...1...

1/28/2009 >> AnarchyX

bahahahahahahah. Another sucker is borne. Yeah there is a bottom forming alright. Now bend on over an ahhhhh.
Don't forget that the 2nd real estate crises may still be a full year out. The commercial realestate meltdown has not kicked into full gear yet. That will be the full kick to the groin that we will not be able to print our way out of. It will be deflation + hyperinflation at the same time. (Deflation of shit that wont feed you and hyperinflation of everything else)

Not a whole lot of software + chip buying going to happen in the next few years. HP is fucked long term. MS will be around but it's glory days are long past. How many folks would have thought Bear Stearn or Lehman would be gone. Hell Sun may be gone within a year. The equity deflation aint over yet by a long shot. But if a few hundred here or there won't kill ya go for it. Here is my short list for the year (cue Mad Money sound effects) Actually you probably can't make much shorting these as they are all battered. I think these guys will be gone within 5 years though.

SHLD: Pretty expensive for what is a massive cluster fuck of epic proportions. SHORT THE FUCKER!

PC: Buy. They are about to go fucking deep into home fuel cells which will pretty much be the future of energy (massively distributed local home power generation). This stuff is awesome. Im warry of their consumer electronics side but if they are able to get this stuff heavy into the US ahead of Honda they could go way up soon.

VIA: Fuckers are in big trouble. Get in now the smell of blood isnt too bad yet.

AAPL: Go short on this pile of GenY supported crap (GOOG TOO). Jobs is dying of Cancer or Gribs. These guys had a nice ride but when you're choice is buying a new Ipod or food?

GE: They are going to 0. They are still over 10. Good chance to take the once in a (who the fuck am i kidding lots will be doing this) chance to ride a stock to BK and beyond

BRK-A: Fuck Buffet. Fuck him in the ass. He is the next Maddoff. Count on it. He will be gone before this depression is over. (both literally as in croaked as well as insolvent)
Find an ultra short bear fund that is doing this as you probably can't short this yourself.

FMAR: Will be the first big local Balmer Bank meltdown. it is already in the shitter but take this fucker to zero and tell Ed Hale to suck it.

LM: Another local tragedy. Bill Miller will be hurling himself from the unfinished tower soon enough. These guys are fucked

Pfizer: When the boomers are fucking broke. No more money for magic boner pills.

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